News and Updates

New Gacha Sets!!

February 22nd, 2018 by Liquid Designs


The 3 new sets of Gacha textures are in the machines as of today! This is our second round of Iron Prisms we’ve done, we hope you’re as excited as we are!

The machines are still rezzed in two places on our sims, so if one set is busy you can try another location:

Liquid North Gacha Machines

Liquid South Gacha Machines

These 3 machines will be out for about a month and then we’ll pull them back.

If you’d like to read our original Rare / Gacha release post with further details, it’s here.

Bloodlines Event: Planetarium!

February 22nd, 2018 by Liquid Designs


This Friday we are out of this world! Or at least it looks like we are. We can’t wait to share this gorgeous space (get it – space?) with you! Please bring your celestial bodies and join us this Friday for a night full of costume contests, rare texture giveaways, and awesome music!

When: Friday, February 23, 4-7 pm

Suggested Attire: Anything space-y, astronomy, astronauts, & aliens

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Syn Vicious | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Eme Aedipo Vicious 

Bloodlines University Has Moved

February 16th, 2018 by Mars Bracken

The Bloodlines University campus has moved to a new location. This was necessary to make room for the construction of the Angel RP area, which will be part of the upcoming Angel / Demon / RPG Expansion releases.

The new University is located here.

Thanks for your patience during this time of transition!

Bloodlines Event: 60’s Music Festival

February 14th, 2018 by Liquid Designs


Hey Man, it’s like totally that time to get down!  You better beat feet to the Bloodlines event this Friday, we’re gonna have a totally groovy time, so you better be there or be square. We have blazin’ night full of costume contests, rare texture giveaways, and awesome music!

When: Friday, February 16, 4-7 pm

Suggested Attire: Tie-dye, peace signs, flower power, anything 60’s

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Gothy | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Fawn

Bloodlines Event: Sweetheart’s Dance

February 8th, 2018 by Liquid Designs


Hello Lovers! It’s a big day and we’ve got a BIG case of VD – Valentine’s Day that is! So grab the one or the one for right now and join us this Friday. We’re going to make sweet music together all night with costume contests, rare texture giveaways, and awesome music!

When: Friday, February 9, 2-5 pm

Suggested Attire: Tuxedos, ballgowns, cupid costumes, anything valentine’s-y

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Lord Halostar | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Zel

Bloodlines Event: 50’s Drive-In

February 1st, 2018 by Liquid Designs


Beeeeep beeep! Hey big bopper, it’s time to enjoy some old fashioned fun with Bloodlines this week! We’re are stuck in a blast to the past to go to the drive-in! So grab your sweetie and let’s do some backseat bingo in these classy chassis. We’re gonna bop to the music all night long with costume contests, rare texture giveaways, and awesome music!

When: Friday, February 2, 4-7 pm

Suggested Attire: Poodle skirts, pedal pushers, greasers, 50’s attire !

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Gothy | Decor: Hosea | Host: Aimee Novaland

Bloodlines Event: Midwinter

January 24th, 2018 by Liquid Designs


Brrrr there’s a chill in the air, and no end in sight! Where’s Punxsutawney Phill when you need him? Well this Friday at Bloodline’s we’re making the most of our long winter. Strap on your snowshoes, your galoshes, or your ice skates and join us for an evening of merriment filled with costume contests, rare texture giveaways, and of course, awesome music!

When: Friday, January 26, 4-7 pm

Suggested Attire: Winter wear!

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Syn | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Aimee Novaland

New Bloodlines Support System

January 23rd, 2018 by Mars Bracken

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve created a new system for dealing with customer support! Now when you have an issue with any aspect of Bloodlines – be it a missed delivery, stats issue, or anything in between – you can log into our Support system via the website and file a ticket.

Why is this better? First off, there will no longer be the chance of your notecard or IM getting capped / lost when you try to contact us. This basic limitation of SL has created a lot of response delays, and this new ticket system should help speed things up. Your problems can also immediately get routed to the avatar here whose expertise will be needed to solve your problem, so there will be less delays involving Bloodlines employees passing notecards back and forth to each other. The system will in general allow us (and you) to keep better track of the progress of your solution.

The system can also be used to file suggestions or feature requests, which we value and would love to keep better track of! So feel free to file tickets for that purpose.

There is also a section for Abuse Reports, however we’d like to remind everyone that if they are facing immediate griefing or abuse issues on our sims or in the official Bloodlines groups, then they should contact a Liaison in-world to deal with that; by the time we read the support ticket the issue is likely to be over and we’ll miss our window to help you.

You can access this new support system just by clicking the red “Support” link at the top of the Bloodlines website. Or you can use this link:

Your ticket will be responded to in the order in which it is received, and we’ll strive to solve your issue in 24 hours or less.

Thanks for your patience as we transition to this new system, and happy hunting!

Bloodlines Event: Biker Bar

January 18th, 2018 by Liquid Designs


Do you hear the distant rumbling?? The faint roar of engines in the night sky? What else could it be but a motorcycle gang! Do you dare join them? Get on your best chaps and join us for a night of dancing to a live DJ, best costume contests, and Rare Texture giveaways.

When: Friday, January 19, 2-5 pm

Suggested Attire: Your finest biker gear!

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Candi | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Fawn

HUD Updates: Mesh Fangs, Claws, The Nexus Object

January 17th, 2018 by Lyle Maeterlinck

We’re pleased to announce updates to all of the Bloodlines HUDs: The Thirst, The Rage, The Human HUD, and The Fury. There are significant updates included in this version, including new, bento-enabled mesh vampire fangs and lycan claws, and a new attachment we call The Nexus Object.

A different Nexus is included in The Thirst, The Rage, and The Human. The Fury HUD interacts with the Rage and Thirst Nexus Objects. The functionality that existed prior to today in the claws and fangs is now in the Nexus, and claws and fangs are now just cosmetic attachments used for effect. The Nexus Object will be used from now on to hold your custom Bloodlines bite and claw animations.

In the process of upgrading, you will need to move any custom animations from your old fangs and claws into your Nexus. Please see the instructions pages for the various systems for detailed instructions for moving your animations from your fangs and claws to your Nexus Object. The Nexus Object will also be important in our upcoming RPG expansion, and this update can be considered a preliminary update to that expansion!

We’ve tried to include fangs and claws that will fit the vast majority of mesh and non-mesh avatars out there. If you find that none of the fangs or claws fit you well, you are free to use third-party attachments, attachments you make yourself, or none at all. As long as you’re wearing the Nexus Object, everything will still work.

We’ve also brought HUD skins that we released previously on the Fury to the Thirst, Rage, and Human HUDs, and we’ve fixed multiple issues with animations that have been reported to us.

We hope you enjoy this update!