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Bloodlines Event: 80’s Arcade

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018


It’s Friday and it’s totally tubular. It’s like, totally time for a rad party! So grab your favorite dude or dudette, take a chill pill, and come to this gnarly night full of fresh music, costume prizes and Rare giveaways!

When: Friday, January 12 – 4-7pm

Suggested Attire: Members Only jackets, popped collars, fanny packs, or whatever you wore or would wear in the 80’s!

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Fawn Madrigal | Decor:Hosea Whitfield | Host: Aimee Novaland

Bloodlines Event: Holiday Party!!

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017


It’s that time of year again, can you believe it? It’s time for the Bloodlines annual party! Get jolly, get cheery, get dressed up and join us for a night of dancing to a live DJ, best costume contests, and Rare Texture giveaways.

When: Friday, December 22, 1-7 pm

Suggested Attire: Ugly holiday sweaters, anything related to winter or the holidays!!

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Candi & DJ Fawn | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Fawn Madrigal & Mars Bracken

Bloodlines Event: Space Port

Friday, December 15th, 2017


Aliens and Astronauts and Asteroids Oh MY!! The big day has finally arrived – SPACE PORT DAY of course! Please come and enjoy our spaced out evening of music, costume prizes and Rare giveaways.

When: Friday, December 15, 2-5pm

Suggested Attire: Astronauts, aliens, or anything you’d wear on your next space adventure

Where: Bloodlines West

Music: DJ Lord Halostar | Decor: Fawn Madrigal | Host: Fawn Madrigal

Bloodlines Friday Event: Winter Is Here

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

Brrrrrr, do you feel the chill in the air? Even though the calendar may say differently, this Friday at Bloodlines Winter will arrive in full force. Please come and join us for a frozen evening of music, costume prizes and Rare giveaways.

When: Friday, December 8th 2-5pm

Suggested Attire: Medieval furs, winter garb, or your house colors!

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Music: DJ Gothy | Decor: Hosea Whitfield | Host: Fawn Madrigal

Scheduled Maintenance Part 3 (last one)

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Bloodlines systems will be unavailable today, Thursday, July 13 from 4-4:05pm SL time for scheduled maintenance. We’re sorry for the short notice on this, and any inconvenience that it causes. Thanks for your patience during this time. If you miss any purchases during this time, or have any questions, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck in-world.

Bloodlines Event: Vendetta

Friday, November 4th, 2016








Remember remember, the fifth of November! Come plot with us on Friday (the 4th…) while dancing to a live DJ, best costume contests, and Rare Texture tank giveaways.

When: Friday, November 4th 4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Suggested Attire: Anything mashed up with a Guy Fawkes mask will do! As well as anything related to the graphic novel, movie, or period clothing from the 1600s.

Music: Lord Halostar | Decor: AnnaMargeaux | Host: Mars Bracken

HUD Updates Today

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Today, everyone should get auto-delivered a new version of the Thirst, Human, and Rage HUDs. The new versions are 4.21 for the Thirst and 2.21 for the Rage and Human. In order to get an auto-update, just reattach your HUD. If you don’t receive an auto-update, you can get an update at any Liquid Designs update terminal in-world.

This is a minor update to fix a memory issue that recently emerged. If you had been getting Stack-Heap Collision errors while using your radar, this update fixes that error. If you aren’t encountering this problem, feel free to continue using your current version.

You don’t need to update your fangs, claws, bite marks, or claw wounds.

The versions of the fangs, claws, bite marks, and claw wounds remain the same, and the versions in the 4.21/2.21 have not changed from 4.2/2.2. The only thing that changed in the new crate is the HUD.

This means, you can keep using all the same items that you have been using except for the HUDs. If you have custom animations in your fangs, claws, bite marks, or claw wounds, you can keep using them as-is. An easy way to make this update in your inventory is to just drag your fangs, claws, bite marks, or claw wounds into your new 4.21/2.21 folder. There is no need to copy any animations or inventory into a new version of the fangs / claws / bite marks / claw wounds.

If you have any questions about this, please comment on this post, or ask Lyle Maeterlinck in-world. Happy hunting!

New Release: The Achievements

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

We’re thrilled to announce the release of the latest addition to the Bloodlines system – The Achievements. There are dozens of challenges with multiple levels, each of which can earn you badge icons for your profile, and the envy and esteem of your fellow players!

There are achievements for completing tasks in certain timeframes, or for overall totals. Attempt to become the daily Master at a certain task, or the coveted Global Master leading the game in a particular challenge. Stats tally upwards for collective Clan rankings, showing which Family leads in achievements accomplished. Good luck to those who wish to participate, and look for more Achievements coming soon!

For more information, check the Wikia, or the Achievements Guide pages:

Achievements Wikia Page   Achievements Guide Page


Pub Crawl Contest Results

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

The winners have been chosen for the 2013 Pub Crawl event, and they are as follows: 1st place went to Dolls of Death, 2nd place went to The Drunk Monk, and 3rd place went to Tudors: The Lounge.

We thank everyone who participated, everyone who voted, and all the players who participated in making this event a success!

If you haven’t visited these locations yet, we suggest you check them out.

Bloodlines Contest: Best Family Photo

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

This week Bloodlines is running a contest to see who can take the best Family Photo! So get your clan, pack, horde or guild together, and snap a picture.

The contest is free to enter, and you may enter as many times as you like (as long as each photo is different).



How to Enter

1) Take a photo of your pack, clan, guild or horde in SL
2) Put the texture in a notecard, along with your name and the Title of the photo
3) Submit the notecard at the Drop Box:

Bloodlines Contest Drop Box or Bloodlines Contest Drop Box South

Contest Rules

Time: The contest will run for 1 week, ending on March 14th, 2013.

Judging: Entries will be judged by Mars Bracken, Lyle Maeterlinck and Noire Luminos.

Criteria: Entries will be judged based on the overall image, but some things to consider might be setting, lighting, , and the avatars involved. Photoshopping is acceptable.


– Top 7 entries will be hung in picture frames on Bloodlines property.
– 3rd place entry will win a full 100L Lumen or 10L Blood Tank
– 2nd place entry will win a full 150 Lumen or 15L Blood Tank
– 1st Place entry will win a full 200 Lumen Tank or 20L Blood Tank and a Bloodlines Haunt Destination System, as well as a Vial of Mars Bracken’s Lumens or Blood

For any questions, contact Noire Luminos or a Bloodlines Liaison.


UPDATE 3.14.13

The winners have been announced! You can find them listed on the Bloodlines Facebook page, and on the Bloodlines Wiki, and hanging in-world in our Vampire Temple.