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Blood, Lumen, and Cider Containers Version 7: Update and Trade-In

Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Today we’re announcing the release of Vital Blood, Lumen, and Cider containers version 7. This update contains a few minor script updates, and more extensive updates on the actual meshes themselves. Here is a list of updates we’ve made to these containers:

  1. On the Cider Barrels, Casks, and Bone and Iron Prisms, the meshes have been updated with new UV maps to allow us to release more extensive custom and rare textures and gacha textures for these items. Bone and Iron Prisms now include a “cabinet” around the central crystal that can be textured or transparent, depending on the texture released.
  2. Bug fixes:
    1. On tanks, the local chat that was printed when the ‘info’ button was pressed reported the incorrect access mode. It reported ‘Fill Only’ when it was actually ‘Fill / Drink’, and vice versa. The mode was being set correctly and displayed correctly in the hover text, just reported incorrectly to the owner when the info button was pressed, and this has been fixed in version 7.
    2. The Next / Previous buttons weren’t working on the texture menus if there were more textures than would fit on a single menu, this has been fixed.
    3. We fixed a few minor things regarding textures, and making sure that all containers have the correct texture displayed on rez.

Trading In Your Containers

If you’ve purchased any kind of container from Liquid Designs in the past, you should automatically be delivered an object called ‘Bloodlines Container Trade-In Machine’. It will come from a server named ‘Liquid Update System’. The machines may take some time to deliver, but if you want to get yours right away, you can come to any Bloodlines store and click on the vendor titled ‘Container Trade-In Machine’, and it will be delivered to you.

You’re not required to update your containers, but this machine gives you the option to. The trade-in machine will work for any container that has a button labeled ‘Select’ on the main menu. We added ‘Select’ buttons to containers starting with version 2 to allow the containers to interface with other objects like siphons, bottles, and refill stations. Version 2 was released in the summer of 2008. Any new container bought since then should have a select button, and should be able to be traded in with the trade-in machine. So, the only containers that won’t be able to be traded in are ones purchased in the first few months that Bloodlines was released.

You can use the trade-in machine on one container at a time to trade them in. The trade in process works like this:

  1. Rez your Bloodlines Container Trade-In Machine near your containers. Make sure that the container you wish to trade in does not have a custom texture applied to it, make sure it has a default texture applied. You can set this by touching your container and selecting Texture > Default, and then selecting one of the options. If you don’t have any custom texture licenses, the menu will skip the ‘Default’ selection screen, and go straight to your default textures.
  2. Touch the machine, you will get a menu with ‘Start’ and ‘Cancel’ options. Press start to begin.
  3. Touch your container, and press the ‘Select’ button on the menu.
  4. Your container will be checked by our system to see if it can be traded in. If it can’t, you will get a message in local chat and the process will be canceled. If it can, you will get another menu with ‘Trade’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons on it. Press Trade to trade in your container.
    1. If your container was full, you will be delivered a new Version 7 full container.
    2. If your container was empty, you will get a new Version 7 empty container.
    3. If your container was partially full, you will get a new Version 7 empty container, and any Vital Blood, Lumens, or Cider that was contained in it will be moved to your Metric Reserve. You can view the amounts of your metric reserve by going to your Blood Cellar, Lumen Vault, or Cider Tavern (click on your container icon on your Bloodlines profile) on You can access these metrics through the refill stations on Liquid Estate.
  5. Your old container will be remotely deactivated and emptied. Please delete or discard your old container in order to reduce the possibility of confusion when old deactivated containers show up in your inventory. If you really want to keep your old container, we can’t stop you, but we recommend keeping them organized and separated in your inventory, perhaps in a folder named “Deactivated containers”. It goes without saying, but do not try to sell or transfer away these old containers.

Also, a word of warning to anyone who wants to purchase aftermarket containers: there will inevitably be some who will try to con others into buying their old deactivated containers. There have always been deactivated containers floating around out there for various reasons. Be careful and never purchase a container without testing it yourself. See our post on how to buy an aftermarket blood container.


Update to Rare Libraries

Friday, July 28th, 2017

We made a few tweaks to the Rare Libraries today:

  • Owners are listed in order of who has the most of any given texture, and how many
  • A link to the Guide has been added to the Library page
  • A link to the personal Library page has been added to the Cellar page
  • We’re slowly adding a “More Info” link to all the Rares in the guide, so that you can track down when/where a texture came from in the blog posts.

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and suggestions!

Bar Pack Mesh Updates

Thursday, July 27th, 2017



















We’ve done some major mesh updates to the Bar Packs! Also now included is a new Bar Tap which is animated, and will pour / deliver glasses of vital blood, cider and moonshine. There are also now a mesh framed poster (in 5 variations) and a mesh blinking neon sign included.

Free updates will be sent out to all current owners of each pack, as well as the Mega Bar Pack (sans the Haunt). The new versions are also now available in stores, and in affiliate vendors.

See the new items displayed in-world here.

Scheduled Maintenance Part 3 (last one)

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Bloodlines systems will be unavailable today, Thursday, July 13 from 4-4:05pm SL time for scheduled maintenance. We’re sorry for the short notice on this, and any inconvenience that it causes. Thanks for your patience during this time. If you miss any purchases during this time, or have any questions, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck in-world.

Scheduled Maintenance Part 2

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

Bloodlines systems will be unavailable today, Wednesday, July 12 from 2-2:10pm SL time for scheduled maintenance. We’re sorry for the short notice on this, and any inconvenience that it causes. Thanks for your patience during this time. If you miss any purchases during this time, or have any questions, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck in-world.

Scheduled Maintenance

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Bloodlines will be in maintenance mode tomorrow morning, July 10, 2017 from 3-3:20am SL time for scheduled upgrades. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience during this time. If you have any questions, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck in-world. Thanks!

Nightshade / Wolfsbane Updates & Rare Texture Gifts

Monday, June 26th, 2017















We’ve done some minor mesh updates to the Nightshade and Wolfsbane potions, and are giving away a free gifts for the next month (June 26th-July 26th)!

The purchaser of either potion will receive two Rare textures, one for Tanks and one for Iron Prisms. After purchase, the textures will automatically show up in your Rare Library and be available in your Tank or Iron Prism texturing menu (the “Texture” button, under “PotionCabinet”). You will only receive one set per purchase, so apply and use them wisely!

No limit to the number of purchases / textures, but the free gift period ends on July 26th.

Updates to Prevent Gaming of the Achievements

Friday, May 19th, 2017

Update 5/23/17: We’ve made some additional changes to the achievements. First, many of you will be happy to know that based on overwhelming community feedback, we removed the throttle on Haunt visits. We realize many people have turned the Haunt-visiting at single locations in to a sort of mini-game, and that the throttling greatly hindered this. We studied and reassessed the situation, and have concluded that this aspect of the achievements, while the requests did seem to be coming in at a high rate, was probably not being automated, at least not by the vast majority of players who enjoyed this activity. We still urge you to strive to visit a variety of different Haunt locations instead of standing in one place at large Haunt farms. You can always access active Haunts using the Haunt button on your HUD.

We’ve also added some additional controls on the biting / clawing achievements (Berserk and Frenzy) in order to make gaming of these achievements using alts less rewarding. If you’re doing these achievements honestly with your friends instead of logging in lists of alts, you probably won’t notice any change. If any of your attacks do get throttled, make sure you aren’t logging in a long list of alts to attack, and instead, try to interact with a variety of real Bloodlines players in order to gain your achievements. Thanks everyone for your feedback and patience with us while we work to address these situations, and please let us know if you have any other thoughts.

Original post follows:

Yesterday we made a couple of adjustments to the Detective, Investigator, Voyager, and World Travels achievements. We believe that some people may have been using automated tools to cheat at these achievements. We commend people on their creativity and motivation in getting these achievements, but we also have to take the measures we can in order to prevent cheating, gaming, and exploits.

Wikipedia defines an exploit as:

“the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, or speed, etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers. Exploits have been classified as a form of cheating”

To be very clear, nobody has hacked or compromised any Bloodlines items; rather some players have found ways to automate avatar logins or clicks in order to cheat at the achievements. We were also seeing things like 4 haunt visits per second, second after second, and thousands of avatar scans that run 24 hours per day. We see patterns in our logs that are clearly not legitimate actions performed by human players. So, we put in place some measures that we hope will make it inconvenient to cheat at the achievements.

This could be referred to as nerfing:

Among game developers, MMORPG designers are especially likely to nerf aspects of a game in order to maintain game balance. Occasionally, a new feature (such as an item, class, or skill) may be made too powerful, unfair, or too easily obtained to the extent that it unbalances the game system. This is sometimes due to an unforeseen method of using or acquiring the object that was not considered by the developers. The frequency of nerfing and the scale of nerfing vary widely from game to game but almost all massively multiplayer games have engaged in nerfing at some point.”

Keep in mind that all scans and haunt visits will keep working just as they always have: you will always get scan data back, and information on haunts no matter what. The only thing that has changed is whether you get achievements for those actions. If you are playing in good faith, and finding real players to scan instead of logging in thousands of alts, and if you are visiting legitimate haunts instead of clicking as fast as you can at a haunt farm, it is very unlikely that any of the updates will affect you.

If you have any questions, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck. Happy achieving!


Update: Refill Stations

Monday, May 15th, 2017







We are pleased to announce that the refill stations have been updated. They are now all-mesh environments, we’ve (hopefully) made them more easy to use, and there’s particle and sound effects added.

To help raise awareness of their new locations and to celebrate their creation, we’ve made some station-themed Limited Rares which will be available for the next month. From May 15 – June 15, whenever you make a purchase at a refill station you will automatically be delivered a license into your Rare Library for the appropriate cider, blood or lumen container shown above.


New Cider Refill Station – Badlands

New Lumen Refill Station – South

New Blood Refill Station – West

All 3 New Refill Stations – Frontier

Valerian Update and Gift

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

We’ve done some minor mesh updates to the Valerian Potion, and are giving away a free gift during the month of April!

The purchaser of a Valerian 4 Pack will receive two Rare textures, one for Tanks and one for Iron Prisms. After you’ve rezzed your crate, the textures will automatically show up in your Tank or Iron Prism texturing menu (the “Texture” button, under “PotionCabinet”). You will only receive one set per purchase, so apply and use them wisely!

No limit to the number of purchases / textures, but the free gift period ends on May 1st.