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Fury HUD Update 1.4

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018






Angel and Demon attacks (both on their respective HUDs and this new Fury HUD) do not yet count towards achievements (Embracer, Enrager, etc.). We do plan on integrating these HUDs and attacks into achievements (as well as creating new specific achievements for Angels and Demons) but for the time being be aware that they do not generally count. An exception is the Determined achievement, which will tally with the new HUDs.


We’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Fury HUD to version 1.4 today. The HUD will now be useful for any combination of 2 Bloodlines races (excluding Humans). You can set the race combination in the settings menu, and as long as you have the HUDs / Nexus objects for the appropriate races, the functions should all work great.

We’ll be sending out an auto-update for anyone who currently owns the Fury HUD.

Thanks for everyone bearing with us during this time of great change! We’ll have more updates to announce soon.

Human Store Update

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018






In the process of getting ready for our big Human HUD update coming next month, we’ve updated our Human store on Bloodlines Midland! All the vendors should be working, but if you see any out-of-place prims do let us know.

We’ll have more updates about the Human HUD update coming soon!

Addressing Achievement Issues

Monday, May 14th, 2018

A number of players have reported a some problems to us when doing achievements on the new HUD versions, specifically with those achievements counting for the Soul War. We wanted to let you know that we are aware of these problems, and they have been fixed for all new achievements going forward. However, we need some time to retroactively apply Soul War counts to some accounts that missed them during the days that they were not correctly counting.

These are the problems that we have identified and fixed:

  1. “Hunting” achievements, such as Blood River / Blood Storm, Moon River / Howling, and Human Charmer / Blood Doll collector were all working properly, but they were not updating the linked Soul Keeper achievements. The logging issue was fixed on May 10, but there may still be some people where we need to fix their Soul Keeper Achievements. If your Soul Keeper achievement is incorrect, it will soon be repaired.
  2. Berserk achievements were counting for overall achievements, but not counting correctly for the Soul War. This problem was fixed on May 11.
  3. For daily achievements, daily maximums were not counting correctly. This is the routine that keeps track of your highest daily count during the soul war, and increases it if your current daily count exceeds it. This problem was fixed this morning, 5/14. Daily maximums are now counting correctly, and we are going to rebuild the daily maximums from our logs for anyone whose daily maximum didn’t update

We appreciate your patience while we build the routines that will repair these issues. We will update this blog post with more information.

To be clear though – any attacks made with the Angel and Demon HUDs do not yet count towards achievements (Embracer, Enrager, etc.). We do plan on integrating these HUDs and attacks into achievements (as well as creating new specific achievements for Angels and Demons) but for the time being be aware that they do not generally count. An exception is the Determined achievement, which will tally with the new HUDs.

If you see any other problems with your stats or achievements, please create a support ticket at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


Angel & Demon HUDs Released! (Updated 5.6.18)

Saturday, May 5th, 2018






It was a long night, but the Liquid Designs team managed to get the Angel and Demon races released in the wee hours. Thanks to all the players who patiently waited in the stores, you are real troopers.

As with any release, there are some bugs, but thanks to users reporting in we are getting them fixed! A few known ones are listed below:


  • Default textures in the menu not accessible (fixed)
  • Error on Rez for some users (fixed)
  • Turning from drinking from a container not working (fixed)

All containers currently being sold are fixed, but for Ether or Ichor containers purchased prior to noon SL time Saturday the 5th, users must trade them in to get fixed ones. So if you have any of those issues with your container, put it into a folder with your name on it, and pass it to LiquidDesigns Resident. He will get you a replacement.

There were also some HUD issues, listed below. You should not have to get a new HUD, these were server-side issues:


  • Scanning having issues with certain people / statuses (fixed)
  • HUD Registration errors (fixed)
  • Torment and Ascent HUD crates were not inviting to groups, because there were no groups! (fixed, ask a Liaison for an invite)


This is the big one. The current website does not properly reflect Angel and Demon status changes. We are working on getting the new website up, but that’s going to come in stages over the next week or two. We ask for patience while we work through this transition. Just know that all your stats, metrics, achievements, and royalty ranks are being tracked and are working fine, it’s just the website and profiles which are not going to fully reflect everything until we get the final new website launched. We’ll be keeping the old website up and running until the new one is 100% solid, so any of your non-Angel or Demon activities should be reflecting just fine.

Once again, thanks for your patience! And thanks to everyone who made the 10th Anniversary Event and this launch a success, we’re grateful and excited to move forward.

Update 5/6/18:


We were made aware that the Electrum potion wasn’t working for the new races, but we have resolved this and it should be working fine now!


Apparently there was an issue with the Reaper not always working for Angels and Demons. Fixed! No update needed.


Potion Update

Friday, May 4th, 2018






Upon release of the Angel and Demon “undo” potions (Brimstone and Holy Water), we also made a small update to the Nightshade and Wolfsbane. We have made it so that when you drink them, that side of your nature is removed, but you are not destroyed for the purposes of Soul ownership. This means you will not lose your souls now, when you drink any of these 4 potions.

Why did we do this? Basically, we recognized that people weren’t losing souls anyway – whenever anyone wanted to change their race, they just moved their souls over to a friend or another account. Also, even if you’re destroying yourself all the way back to Human, being that race does not prohibit you from soul ownership. And finally, since this is a self-administered potion, we trust that even in a role-play sense, nobody would intentionally dump their souls into the Abyss.

So, henceforth, you can drink the Nightshade, Wolfsbane, Holy Water or Brimstone without fear of Abyssing your souls!

** Also: any of these potions you already own will work the new way, no need to by new ones.



Scheduled Maintenance

Friday, April 6th, 2018

UPDATE 12:35pm SL April 8th

We’ve figured out why the Curse issue arose last night, and it should be solved going forward now.

We’re still working on optimization / getting the site up to full speed on the new servers. Thanks again for your patience!

UPDATE 8:40am SL April 8th

While we did solve our slow server issues, we had an issue with the Curse last night, and it ran more than once.

We apologize for any confusion, and we’re is in the process of correcting this! Anyone who was unnecessarily destroyed has been restored. Anyone who lost extra metrics, we’ve replaced them in your body. If there was no room in your body, we replaced them into your reserve.

Anyone with a remaining issue you feel might be related, please file a ticket in the Support System:

Thanks for your patience while we make it over this road bump in the upgrade of our hosting!

UPDATE 12:30am SL April 7th

The HUDs, containers, vendors and all in-world items and sales are live and working. We’ve had some issues with the website changeover, and it will be running slowly while we work to complete the maintenance. Thanks again for your patience!

ORIGINAL POST 8pm SL April 6th

Just a heads up to everyone, Bloodlines will be undergoing scheduled maintenance starting at 8:00 pm SL time tonight, Friday April 6th. We expect it to be about 15 minutes. Thanks for your patience as we work to build a better Bloodlines!

Bloodlines Hunts Concluded

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018
















This is just a heads up that the Bloodlines Hunts down in the RP areas are concluded! Anyone who recently purchased the HUDs will be able to complete them and the trophy givers will still work etc., but no more HUDs will be sold. Thanks to everyone who participated and made the adventures a success.

Bloodlines Hunts will return, however, as Bloodlines Quests in the upcoming RPG Expansion! When we have more information we’ll post it here on the blog, so stay tuned.

Bloodlines University Has Moved

Friday, February 16th, 2018

The Bloodlines University campus has moved to a new location. This was necessary to make room for the construction of the Angel RP area, which will be part of the upcoming Angel / Demon / RPG Expansion releases.

The new University is located here.

Thanks for your patience during this time of transition!

New Bloodlines Support System

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve created a new system for dealing with customer support! Now when you have an issue with any aspect of Bloodlines – be it a missed delivery, stats issue, or anything in between – you can log into our Support system via the website and file a ticket.

Why is this better? First off, there will no longer be the chance of your notecard or IM getting capped / lost when you try to contact us. This basic limitation of SL has created a lot of response delays, and this new ticket system should help speed things up. Your problems can also immediately get routed to the avatar here whose expertise will be needed to solve your problem, so there will be less delays involving Bloodlines employees passing notecards back and forth to each other. The system will in general allow us (and you) to keep better track of the progress of your solution.

The system can also be used to file suggestions or feature requests, which we value and would love to keep better track of! So feel free to file tickets for that purpose.

There is also a section for Abuse Reports, however we’d like to remind everyone that if they are facing immediate griefing or abuse issues on our sims or in the official Bloodlines groups, then they should contact a Liaison in-world to deal with that; by the time we read the support ticket the issue is likely to be over and we’ll miss our window to help you.

You can access this new support system just by clicking the red “Support” link at the top of the Bloodlines website. Or you can use this link:

Your ticket will be responded to in the order in which it is received, and we’ll strive to solve your issue in 24 hours or less.

Thanks for your patience as we transition to this new system, and happy hunting!

HUD Updates: Mesh Fangs, Claws, The Nexus Object

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

We’re pleased to announce updates to all of the Bloodlines HUDs: The Thirst, The Rage, The Human HUD, and The Fury. There are significant updates included in this version, including new, bento-enabled mesh vampire fangs and lycan claws, and a new attachment we call The Nexus Object.

A different Nexus is included in The Thirst, The Rage, and The Human. The Fury HUD interacts with the Rage and Thirst Nexus Objects. The functionality that existed prior to today in the claws and fangs is now in the Nexus, and claws and fangs are now just cosmetic attachments used for effect. The Nexus Object will be used from now on to hold your custom Bloodlines bite and claw animations.

In the process of upgrading, you will need to move any custom animations from your old fangs and claws into your Nexus. Please see the instructions pages for the various systems for detailed instructions for moving your animations from your fangs and claws to your Nexus Object. The Nexus Object will also be important in our upcoming RPG expansion, and this update can be considered a preliminary update to that expansion!

We’ve tried to include fangs and claws that will fit the vast majority of mesh and non-mesh avatars out there. If you find that none of the fangs or claws fit you well, you are free to use third-party attachments, attachments you make yourself, or none at all. As long as you’re wearing the Nexus Object, everything will still work.

We’ve also brought HUD skins that we released previously on the Fury to the Thirst, Rage, and Human HUDs, and we’ve fixed multiple issues with animations that have been reported to us.

We hope you enjoy this update!