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Bloodlines Legends First Release: The Claim Flag!

October 27th, 2018 by Mars Bracken










We’re excited to announce the first release in the Bloodlines Legends RPG Expansion: The Claim Flag!

This item allows you to discover Second Life regions, getting your name permanently listed in the Bloodlines Legends records. You can also use flags to try and take over land claimed by another avatar, do battle with other races for control of land areas, and raise the level of regions which affects treasure and resource discovery levels.

The Flags come in 3 types: a 1-point flag, a 10-point flag, and a 25-point flag. They are all single-use, but will contribute that many points to the ownership of the land.

More info on the product page:

The Claim Flag

The item is available to start just in our 5 main stores, and will be in catalogue vendors soon:

Vampire Islands

Demon Badlands

Angel Havens

Lycan Woodlands

Mortal Crossroads

Stay tuned for more upcoming release in the Bloodlines Legends expansion!






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