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Fury HUD Update 1.4

June 26th, 2018 by Mars Bracken






Angel and Demon attacks (both on their respective HUDs and this new Fury HUD) do not yet count towards achievements (Embracer, Enrager, etc.). We do plan on integrating these HUDs and attacks into achievements (as well as creating new specific achievements for Angels and Demons) but for the time being be aware that they do not generally count. An exception is the Determined achievement, which will tally with the new HUDs.


We’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Fury HUD to version 1.4 today. The HUD will now be useful for any combination of 2 Bloodlines races (excluding Humans). You can set the race combination in the settings menu, and as long as you have the HUDs / Nexus objects for the appropriate races, the functions should all work great.

We’ll be sending out an auto-update for anyone who currently owns the Fury HUD.

Thanks for everyone bearing with us during this time of great change! We’ll have more updates to announce soon.

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