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Angel & Demon HUDs Released! (Updated 5.6.18)

May 5th, 2018 by Mars Bracken






It was a long night, but the Liquid Designs team managed to get the Angel and Demon races released in the wee hours. Thanks to all the players who patiently waited in the stores, you are real troopers.

As with any release, there are some bugs, but thanks to users reporting in we are getting them fixed! A few known ones are listed below:


  • Default textures in the menu not accessible (fixed)
  • Error on Rez for some users (fixed)
  • Turning from drinking from a container not working (fixed)

All containers currently being sold are fixed, but for Ether or Ichor containers purchased prior to noon SL time Saturday the 5th, users must trade them in to get fixed ones. So if you have any of those issues with your container, put it into a folder with your name on it, and pass it to LiquidDesigns Resident. He will get you a replacement.

There were also some HUD issues, listed below. You should not have to get a new HUD, these were server-side issues:


  • Scanning having issues with certain people / statuses (fixed)
  • HUD Registration errors (fixed)
  • Torment and Ascent HUD crates were not inviting to groups, because there were no groups! (fixed, ask a Liaison for an invite)


This is the big one. The current website does not properly reflect Angel and Demon status changes. We are working on getting the new website up, but that’s going to come in stages over the next week or two. We ask for patience while we work through this transition. Just know that all your stats, metrics, achievements, and royalty ranks are being tracked and are working fine, it’s just the website and profiles which are not going to fully reflect everything until we get the final new website launched. We’ll be keeping the old website up and running until the new one is 100% solid, so any of your non-Angel or Demon activities should be reflecting just fine.

On a side note: the Angel and Demon HUDs do not count towards any achievements at all right now other than Determined. So do not plan on using them for purposes of any previously released achievements; we will release updates as we go.

Once again, thanks for your patience! And thanks to everyone who made the 10th Anniversary Event and this launch a success, we’re grateful and excited to move forward.

Update 5/6/18:


We were made aware that the Electrum potion wasn’t working for the new races, but we have resolved this and it should be working fine now!


Apparently there was an issue with the Reaper not always working for Angels and Demons. Fixed! No update needed.


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