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New Bloodlines Support System

January 23rd, 2018 by Mars Bracken

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve created a new system for dealing with customer support! Now when you have an issue with any aspect of Bloodlines – be it a missed delivery, stats issue, or anything in between – you can log into our Support system via the website and file a ticket.

Why is this better? First off, there will no longer be the chance of your notecard or IM getting capped / lost when you try to contact us. This basic limitation of SL has created a lot of response delays, and this new ticket system should help speed things up. Your problems can also immediately get routed to the avatar here whose expertise will be needed to solve your problem, so there will be less delays involving Bloodlines employees passing notecards back and forth to each other. The system will in general allow us (and you) to keep better track of the progress of your solution.

The system can also be used to file suggestions or feature requests, which we value and would love to keep better track of! So feel free to file tickets for that purpose.

There is also a section for Abuse Reports, however we’d like to remind everyone that if they are facing immediate griefing or abuse issues on our sims or in the official Bloodlines groups, then they should contact a Liaison in-world to deal with that; by the time we read the support ticket the issue is likely to be over and we’ll miss our window to help you.

You can access this new support system just by clicking the red “Support” link at the top of the Bloodlines website. Or you can use this link:

Your ticket will be responded to in the order in which it is received, and we’ll strive to solve your issue in 24 hours or less.

Thanks for your patience as we transition to this new system, and happy hunting!

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