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Coming in 2018: RPG Expansion

November 21st, 2017 by Mars Bracken

We’re excited to announce that we’re currently working on a major RPG expansion to the Bloodlines system for 2018!

Currently we’re planning on adding Harvesting and Crafting, Treasure Hunting, and Combat involving both players and NPC monsters. We’ll also be adding two new races to Bloodlines, Angels and Demons, as well as all of the possible 2-race hybrid combinations (Angel-Lycan, Demon-Vampire, etc.).

Rest assured, all of the current Bloodlines ranks, achievements, and records will go unchanged. The new aspects however will be very integrated into the Bloodlines system, so plan on finding new uses for your tools and metrics, and new meaning added to your chosen race!

While work has already begun, we are still open to suggestions and requests, so we have added a spot at each of our sims where you can drop us a notecard with your ideas. We can’t promise we’ll integrate everything you ask for, but we definitely want your input.

As we get closer to release we will have more announcements, so stay tuned!

Locations of Suggestion Boxes In-World: 

Bloodlines East Suggestion Box

Bloodlines West Suggestion Box

Bloodlines South Suggestion Box

Bloodlines Frontier Suggestion Box

Bloodlines Badlands Suggestion Box

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