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Gallery Tour Contest Results

November 3rd, 2017 by Mars Bracken

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Bloodlines Gallery Tour! It was very difficult judging this event, because there were a lot of really amazing galleries. If you were one of the hundreds of locations that opted your Haunt in, props to you for being a creative participating member of the Bloodlines community.

Everyone who opted in their haunts to the Gallery Tour event have received a special limited-edition tank, prism and barrel texture that they can apply to their blood tanks or lumen prisms.

We decided to go with 5 winners this time, and they will receive an additional limited-edition Gold Crown texture for tank, prism and barrel, and have their haunts featured on the Bloodlines homepage for a week:

V E R I T A S **** G A L E R I A

The Gallery Tour of Natural History

Novalands Tank Texture Showroom

+Museum Illuminati +

D.N. Room of Victory

We originally said we’d do 10 runners-up, but there were just too many great entries, so we went with 18 instead! These avatars will also all receive an additional limited-edition Silver Crown texture for prism, barrel and tank:

Crimson Republic

DD – Soul Wars Arena

Shadow Kissed Castle

LA Achievements

Forbidden Treasure Trove Gallery

Evolved Loved Ones – Rare Texture Display Room

Lover Bizet

EOD – The Legacy Gallery

Dystopian Dream 3 – Sanguine Prophecy Horde

Imperial Gallery

Home of Noctis Immortalis Horde

Training Center

Evolved Prince & Princess Syn & Katie Vicious

FOTFSL Gallery

Lamias kiss of death castle

Andrea*s Blood Bank & Tank Texture Shop

Forsaken Souls Of the Night

Abia Zepp Rare Textures

For the original Gallery Tour event post, check here.

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