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New Release: The Fury Hybrid HUD

September 29th, 2017 by Mars Bracken


We’re excited to announce the release of “The Fury” Hybrid HUD! This HUD combines the functionality of the Thirst and Rage HUDs into one unit, with a few extra bells and whistles thrown in. This HUD has metric meters for Humanity, Vital Blood, and Lumens in a single HUD, and includes a new HUD skinning feature. For now, we’ve included six custom HUD skins along with our classic-styled skin. We’re working on the ability for families and individuals to release their own custom HUD skins soon!

This HUD will not register an account with the Bloodlines system, and it does not come with Bloodlines fangs or claws. This is an add-on item for those who already have the Thirst or Rage Bloodlines systems. In order to register with Bloodlines and obtain fangs and claws, you will need to also own either the Thirst or Rage systems. However, if you are already registered with Bloodlines, it will count for your daily Determined achievement. Full instructions to The Fury Hybrid HUD can be found on the Fury gear page.

Also, for a limited time, when you buy the Hybrid HUD, you will also get the “Hybrid Banner” rare tank and iron prism textures for free!


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