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Bloodlines Event: Pub Crawl

July 31st, 2017 by Mars Bracken







We’re excited to announce an official grid-wide Bloodlines Event – The Pub Crawl! It will start on August 1st and run until September 1st.

The Pub Crawl is an event for bars in Second Life. Anyone owning a Bloodlines Haunt can opt-in, and anyone with a HUD will be able to participate in the crawl.

What specifically does this mean for Bloodlines players? It means during that month we’ll be connecting participating Haunts up via the website and the HUDs, so that you can easily travel from bar to bar, and meet up for a drink with people while discovering new Bloodlines-friendly locations.

For Haunt owners, this event means a chance to get your bar or club on the map! The Crawl will provide an influx of new visitors, as well as give you a chance to network with other Bloodlines friendly locations. Players will be able to vote on their favorite Bars, and prizes will be awarded at the end. Mars and Lyle will be visiting participating locations to help with the final judging of the top Bars, and we hope to see you there! On the final day (Friday Sept 1st) we’ll be having an event on the Bloodlines sims, and we’ll give away the prizes.

Voting will start immediately and run the month. During that time, all you need to do to vote is press the ‘Vote’ link next to the Pub Crawl icon on the profile of participating haunts.

Prizes (Awarded at the end of the Month):

Pub Crawl Participation Rare – Given to anyone who opted-in their Bar to the event. (Limit one per avatar)

20 Runner-Up Rares (Silver Crown) – Given to the best 20 Bars

3 Top Bar Rares (Gold Crown) – Given to the top 3 Bars. These will also receive a banner on the Bloodlines homepage for a week following the event.

Getting involved is simple:

Location Owners – If you already have a Haunt, just log into your profile, Edit Haunts, and opt-in via the radio button for the Pub Crawl Event. Make sure to use the Haunt Events calendar to schedule specific times for your events.

Bloodlines players – On August 1st the Pub Crawl will automatically generate locations in your HUD, under the Haunt button. We’ll also make it clear on the website which locations are participating, so you should be able to easily find the next great location to visit!

At the end of the month on September 1st, we’ll wrap it up with an official party / awards ceremony on the Bloodlines sims where we’ll deliver all the prizes, so be sure to stop by. See you there!

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