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New: Rare Texture Gacha Machines

June 7th, 2017 by Mars Bracken










After many months of Rare texture giveaways at our Friday events (and many requests to make the textures more widely available) we have finally begun! To start there will be a set of 3 gacha machines, each carrying one Theme set from our current collections of Rare textures. The machines will be rezzed in two places on our sims, so if one set is busy you can try another location:

Liquid East Gacha Machines

Liquid South Gacha Machines

When you spin you’ll receive a Bloodlines Paint Bucket. The buckets will grab the Gacha Spin Rares that you’ve won, in order, from your library and load it into the buckets as you rez them. **** You must accept the bucket and rez it to load the texture you won. If you decline the buckets the textures will not arrive for you*** In case you haven’t come in contact with one of our Paint Buckets yet, the original post on that is here. Once you’ve got the Texture in your bucket, you can hold, display, or sell it. You can also “Unload” it into your Rare Library on your web profile, and from there you can apply it to containers or items that you own.

The machines contain Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and an Ultra Rare. It was honestly tough to decide which textures would fall into which categories, and undoubtedly some will be disappointed that some textures are easier or harder to get than they would like. We did our best to make the decisions based on feedback that we got during the Friday events.

These 3 machines will be out for one month (June 7th – July 7th) and then we’ll pull them back. At that point we may put out some new machines, but we want to see how this first run goes. We can say that it will probably be a very long time before we re-release these particular theme groups, because we understand for the collectors out there that collectability and value depends heavily on limited supply. We’re attempting to ride the line here of pleasing the people who would just like some cool new variations on their containers, and the collectors who would like some textures to remain Rare / difficult to acquire.

Feedback is always welcome, so don’t hesitate to drop us a notecard. And thanks everyone from the last 10 months worth of events who encouraged this Rare experiment, it’s turned into quite a fun adventure!

*** Update: We are aware that the tank/prism Texture menus max out at one page full of Rare categories; we are working on an update for that, but in the meantime if you apply textures (or load them into cans) to empty out a category, the ones you’re not seeing will fill in the space on the blue menu so that you can access them.

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