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Wormwood Update & Rare Contest

January 2nd, 2017 by Mars Bracken




We’re happy to announce a mesh update to the Wormwood!

We’re also including a free gift with any 4 Pack during January. The purchaser will receive two Rare textures, one for Tanks and one for Iron Prisms. After you’ve rezzed your crate, the textures will automatically show up in your Tank or Iron Prism texturing menu (the “Texture” button, under “PotionCabinet”). You will only receive one set per purchase, so apply and use them wisely!

Also, at the end of the month we’re giving a Rare “Crown” tank texture to:

  • Top 5 Individuals in January’s Soul War “Valiant Caravan”
  • Top 5 Clans with most “Valiant Caravan” for January (given to Clan Leaders)

The top achievers can be tracked on the appropriate page in the Achievements Guide. Good luck and happy new year!

*** Clarification Update: If there is a multi-way tie for any of the contests, still only 5 winners will be chosen. Ties will be broken by random number / dice rolls until 5 winners are picked.


UPDATE: We have our winners for the contest!

Top 5 Individuals in Valiant Caravan:

  • DeviantDamsel   (138)
  • TinaDiane Dubrovna  (92)
  • VelvetBlossom  (60)
  • Metcalf22  (40)
  • EmpressLilith  (39)

Top 5 Clans with most “Valiant Caravan”:

  • Veritas (207)
  • Aeterna Familia (92)
  • Honoris Fidei (83)
  • Exile of Darkness (60)
  • Crimson Republic (51)

Congrats to all the winners! The Crown texture will be sent out today.

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