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Electrum Update and Rare Contest

December 13th, 2016 by Mars Bracken



We’re happy to announce an update to the Electrum! It’s mesh, lower prim weight, and we’re releasing a 4 Pack at a discounted price.

In addition, we’re having a promotion: anyone who purchases a 4 Pack during December will receive two Rare textures, one for Tanks and one for Iron Prisms. After you’ve rezzed your crate, the textures will automatically show up in your Tank or Iron Prism texturing menu (the “Texture” button, under “Limited”). You will only receive one set per purchase, so apply and use them wisely!

Also, at the end of the month we’re giving a Rare “Crown” tank texture to:

  •  Top 5 Individuals in December’s Soul War “Heroic Deeds”
  • Top 5 Clans with most “Heroic Deeds” for December’s Soul War (given to Clan Leaders)

The top achievers can be tracked on the appropriate page in the Achievements Guide. Good luck and happy holidays!

*** Clarification Update: If there is a multi-way tie for any of the contests, still only 5 winners will be chosen. Ties will be broken by random number / dice rolls until 5 winners are picked.

1.2.17 UPDATE:

The champions rose to the top and have been awarded their prizes! Congrats to all, the list is as follows:

Top 5 individuals in Heroic Deeds:
LilahCeleste Belar

Top 5 Clans: 
Lasombra Legacy    Todd Edwyn
Exile Of Darkness    VelvetBlossom
Honoris Fidei    Lelah Naxos
Veritas    JackRackam
Eerie Creatures    tonykogan


2 Responses to “Electrum Update and Rare Contest”

  1. Lilahceleste_Belar Says:

    Thank you for providing this multi-pack and the amazing looking textures meow~

    Regarding the contest:

    Am I understanding the parameters for the contest correctly when I state that none of the electrum potions splashed prior to December 1, 2016 will count?

  2. Mars Bracken Says:

    Yes that’s correct, the contest will correspond to the Soul War tallies for Dec 1 – Jan 1, so anything in there will count.