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Vial Update & Rare Contest

November 4th, 2016 by Mars Bracken


















We’re happy to announce an update to the vials! They’re mesh, lower prim weight, shrink smaller to fit more avatars and are more easily editable. Also, by popular request we’re releasing a 10 Pack at a discounted price.

In addition, we’re having a promotion: anyone who purchases a 10 Pack during November will receive a Limited Edition tank or prism texture. After you’ve razzed your crate, the texture will automatically show up in your Tank or Iron Prism texturing menu (the “Texture” button, under “Limited”). You will only receive one per purchase, so apply and use them wisely! At the end of the month when the promotion ends, these textures will no longer be available from us in any form.

Finally, at the end of the month we’re giving a Rare “Crown” tank texture to the top 5 Blood Vial Collectors and Lumen Vial Collectors. These textures will also not be available in any form after the promotion, so there will only be 10 (5 prism and 5 tank) Vial Crown textures in SL, ever. The top achievers can be tracked on the appropriate page in the Achievements Guide for Blood and Lumens. Good luck!

*** Clarification Update: If there is a multi-way tie for any of the contests, still only 5 winners will be chosen. Ties will be broken by random number / dice rolls until 5 winners are picked.

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