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Terms, Policies, Conspiracies, and Impartiality

September 22nd, 2014 by Mars Bracken

We’ve recently banned some accounts as a result of terms violations. There seems to be a lot of speculation going on, so we’d like to take a moment to review some of our standard policies, terms, and answer some questions surrounding bans and impartiality of Bloodlines leadership.

Terms of Service

If you’re at all confused about what’s ok and not ok in Bloodlines, the terms of service that you agree to when you wear your HUD is always available at, which can be accessed from the footer of every page on this site. Please note that the terms state a requirement that users of Bloodlines products adhere to the general Second Life terms of service and community standards. Also note that the Bloodlines terms state that Bloodlines accounts can be terminated for the breach of any provision of the terms.


Here at Liquid Designs, we strive to remain impartial and to avoid even the appearance of partiality. We strive to give everyone the same level of service, and in our communications with Bloodlines members, what family they are a part of or how familiar we are with them is never considered. Honestly, we could not care less what family you’re in, we consider Bloodlines to be one big (somewhat crazy) family. We also don’t concern ourselves with the internal dramas between clans, packs, hordes, and guilds. We are focused on keeping the Bloodlines community thriving for everyone and designing new products and features.

Account Termination Policies & Privacy

Our policy is to only discuss account terminations with the account that was terminated, and with no other parties. If your account gets terminated, you wouldn’t want us announcing it to everyone and throwing an account termination party for you. So, please don’t ask us whether someone is, was, or is going to be terminated or why or for how long. That is simply between us and the person who was terminated. Also, we can’t ban people in response to petitions. We wouldn’t ban someone who had done nothing wrong just because everyone wants them banned, and we wouldn’t reverse a ban on an offender in response to popular opinion either. Account terminations are the result of the application of our routine policy, our terms of service, and our judgment that the termination is warranted.

Tinfoil Hats & Rumors

Sometimes, the tinfoil hats come out, and you hear some wild theories. These can be entertaining, but they’re usually nonsense. Misinformation, lies, and rumors are sometimes the tools that players use to keep others (including their own families) under control. You don’t have to tolerate someone who tries to manipulate you.

If someone tries to convince you of a conspiracy theory, we urge you to consider their motives for doing so, which may include:

A) making themselves look better

B) distracting you from something negative they’ve done

C) trying to ruin the game for you and others once it’s been ruined for them (“If I can’t win, no one can win! I’ll break the game!”)

D) scare you into quitting to benefit themselves somehow (cheaper souls, stealing your minions, etc.)

To be clear, there has never been any manipulation of the game or “hacking” by the Bloodlines leadership, and there never will be. See our previous post about rumors. Misery loves company, and we advise you not to join it.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, and Happy Hunting!




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  1. serafina sorciere Says:

    Thank You for that information. Sounds a lot like running a clan 🙂