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Stats and Website Updates

August 26th, 2013 by Lyle Maeterlinck

Today we made some updates to the Bloodlines generations and stats. We have released a new subdomain for Bloodlines at If you have the Thirst HUD, you have a profile on, if you have the Rage HUD, you have a profile on, and now, if you have both, you get another profile where you can access both your vampire and lycan stats on the hybrid site.

This comes with some updates to the stats and generations. Before, hybrids were part of either the lycan or the vampire stats depending on what resource they were dominant in: blood or lumens. Now, anyone who is both enraged and embraced will show in the hybrid stats. If you are only embraced, you will show in the vampire stats, and if you are only enraged, you will only show in the lycan stats. To move from the hybrid stats to the vampire stats, you would need to drink Wolfsbane, and to move from the hybrid stats to the lycan stats, you would need to drink Nightshade. If you’re hybrid, you can safely do this without losing any souls.

Humans have a new homepage where they can compete for the stats Cider Wealth, Lumen Fountain, Blood Fountain, and also compete in a soul ranking. We’ve made a number of other small improvements to the website that we hope make it easier to browse. Let us know what you think!

One Response to “Stats and Website Updates”

  1. Adanaya Lamplight Says:

    Oh, quite nice indeed. Are we going to get a functional Hybrid’s HUD someday as well?