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Haunts Events Updates

January 4th, 2013 by Lyle Maeterlinck

We’ve made some updates to the way events are scheduled for Haunts, and added a new events calendar for Haunts to the site. The new rules for Haunt events are:

  1. Events cannot have a start date more than 24 hours in the past, when the event is created or edited.
  2. Events that last more than 24 hours are marked as ‘ongoing’ events, and are listed in a separate calendar: the ongoing events calendar. Ongoing events are for things like hunts, contests.
  3. No event can last more than 30 days. Any events currently listed that were longer than 30 days have been truncated to last 30 days. Some people have listed events that go many years into the future. Please don’t do ridiculous things like this, or we will delete your event entirely. Party 24/7/365 is not an event!

In addition, we’ve made an easier way to browse events with the new events calendar and ongoing events calendar. You can also quickly find events happening today on the Haunts landing page.

2 Responses to “Haunts Events Updates”

  1. Alexio D'Amore Says:

    A few things I’d like to see with the haunt system but I don’t know if it’s possible; 1.) Owners allowing managers to change information 2.) Allowing a whitelist of individuals to add events to the club. A whitelist or admin menu for access would be helpful.

  2. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Hi Alexio, those are great ideas. We can potentially add the ability for Haunt owners to add managers through the web interface, then their approved managers will be able to change the information online, and also manage events. I will work on making this happen. Thanks for the suggestions!