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HUD Updates Tonight

April 2nd, 2012 by Lyle Maeterlinck

Tonight, we’re excited to announce the following updated Bloodlines HUDs: Thirst 3.5, the Rage 1.3, and the Human 1.1. You should be auto-delivered your update when you log in. If not, you can get the updates from any update terminal at Liquid Estate (Liquid Designs, Liquid East, Liquid South, Liquid Badlands, or Liquid Frontier). There are several notable new features on the HUDs:

  1. You can register an account so you can log into by going to settings > account > register. You can also change or reset your password using this menu. There isn’t a great deal you can do by logging in at the moment, but this update will allow us to bring lots of cool new features to the Bloodlines website.
  2. Charisma sending has been removed from the HUDs. We’re sorry about the inconvenience on this, but it was just being too badly abused by people logging in hundreds of alts or bots in order to game the stats. Now, you can send Charisma by logging into the website, and pushing the +1 Charisma button on your friends profiles. This won’t give us the ability to absolutely stop people abusing the system with alts, but we will be able to implement controls to make it more difficult to game this stat.
  3. Glamour and Terror: this is a fun new power that you can use with your human minions. If you Glamour (with the thirst), or Terror (with the Rage) your minions, you will be able to bite or claw them without receiving further confirmation for one hour. If you agree to be Glamoured or Terrored, you can break this at any time by going to Settings > (clan or group) > Resist Liege. This will also be broken if you unliege from your liege.
  4. You will probably also notice some minor updates to the website: now the groups and group rosters are listed on separate pages, and the groups page has a search function now. For a sneak peek at the types of updates coming to, check out The Fortune Hunt.

We hope you like these updates, more exciting updates coming soon!

9 Responses to “HUD Updates Tonight”

  1. phoenixgriefstrike Says:

    Um, a little heads up would have been appreciated re: the updates to claws and fangs, since it means we have to reload all our third-party vendor attacks into them. Going to be a long night/day for many of us…

  2. JosieHyun Says:

    I try to log in using my Second Life password into bloodlines but can’t so did you some how change the passwords ?

  3. ilshim Says:


    First comment for me, I’m a vampire, I find it a shame not to use Glamour on fresh human, this could allow them to see for an hour the life of human minions. If we could use and be able to give them apples for revitalization, it would be nice.

    Thanks reading

  4. Iluvtrolls Says:

    I do not like the new changes to the system. Having to log in to the site and hunt down the person to give them charisma points is a time consuming pain in the fangs and makes it less likely that we will get them. Also I do not ever want anyone to bite me without permission that is why I am a bloodlines player NOT a Progeny System player and the Glamour function takes that away. I want a permanent opt out of that function. I enjoy being a blood doll but will end my involvement with Bloodlines if this is the direction we are heading in. It is becoming an expensive time consuming pain.

  5. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    @Iluvtrolls: you still have to agree to the Glamour, just like a normal bite, and it will only work if offered from your liege. Also, even if you do agree to it, you can break it off at any time by going to Settings > Clan or group > Resist Liege

    @JosieHyun: the password to log into is not your second life password, it is a separate password you create by going to Settings > Account > Register.

    @ilshim: I agree, it would be cool to use Glamour on a fresh human, and that was our original idea, but I think it caused too much confusion, and people reacted negatively to the idea in general.

  6. JosieHyun Says:

    I have to say i’m sorry i now understand how it works and i have to aggree this mush better & faster then before & the best part i don’t have to log in SL to send out the charisma points so thank you Lord Maeterlinck

  7. ilshim Says:

    Hello Lyle,

    Maybe a idea for the fresh human, possible to do glamour on them only 5 minutes ^_^

  8. animorf Kawadias Says:

    @Lyle yes I do agree that it did cause too much confusion, and many people did react negatively to the idea in general. However, I think that was largely due to the fact, that you was also trying to explain the Dormant function you was, wanting to put in place. Which was causing a lot of confusion at first, as people was hearing things like Dormant and one liter of Vital blood as well as 10 Lumens. Which to me at first I was under the impression that, it was going to cost us to come out of Dormancy. As when everything was told to us, in the group chat a lot of people started freaking out, and a lot was lost in the communications of what was going to be put in place for what functions.

    Now I think the Glamor and Terror would be a really good, thing to have for fresh humans, and should be on a perminant bases like it was origanly planed for those whom are fresh. but leave it as is for those whom are already registured, and that it only last for one hr, for registured players. And fix it so that the only way it gets removed for non registured players is to have it be a different bite, that we can use as if it was a deeper bite that wormwood can not heal. Say that if we glamor or Terror a fresh human, instead of bite marks, they get Glamor or Terror scars, which tells the wormwood potion the bite is healed but has left scare tissue. that last for one hr after they registure.

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