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March 27th, 2012 by Lyle Maeterlinck

UPDATE 4/1/12:

Just an update: we are planning HUD updates for tonight. This is not an April Fool’s joke. More updates to come…

UPDATE 3/30/12, 5 PM:

We’ve reviewed everyone’s feedback on the impending HUD updates, and as a result, we’ve got a new proposal. All the updates below are going to be put into place, except for the ability to Glamour someone before they are a part of the game. We agree that this will probably cause too much confusion. So, Glamour will only work on your own direct human minions, and it will only last for an hour, unless broken by your human before that limit. Also, it will not cost blood or lumens in order to use. So, we’re not going to implement the option of Glamouring someone before they have joined in order to prevent them from using the Wormwood. To be clear, your human minions will have to agree to be Glamoured, and will be able to break the Glamour if they wish. For now, this will just be a fun new power that you will be able to use when role-playing with your humans if you wish.


Later this week, we’re going to be updating the Thirst, Rage, and Human HUDs with a few new features and fixes. All HUDs are going to be getting the ability to register and manage accounts for logging into the Bloodlines website. If you already own a Blood or Lumen scanner, you already have an account, and the account you can manage with your HUD will be the same as the account you can manage on your scanner. This is so that everyone can have an account to log in. In the near future, we’re going to be building some new features into the website that you can use only when logged in, such as customizing your Bloodlines web profile, and this HUD update will allow us to launch those new features.

As part of this update, we’re going to be moving Charisma voting to the website. So, instead of the button on the HUD, you’ll be able to log into the website, and on everyone’s profile will be a button to send them a charisma point for the day.

We’re also going to be adding a new power: Glamour for vampires, and Terror for lycans. Of course, hybrids will be able to use either one. Glamour / Terror has different effects, depending on the status of the victim (who will have to agree to Glamour / Terror request for it to work). If you Glamour or Terror a new player who has not yet worn a HUD, it will prevent them from drinking the Wormwood potion in order to free their soul from limbo. That means that their soul will always go to you first if you bite them and then they join. Using a Glamour will cost a vampire 1L of vital blood, and a Terror will cost a lycan 10 lumens. Only humans and new players can be Glamoured / Terrored.  If you Glamour or Terror a human who has already joined, you will be able to bite them without asking, until they break the Glamour or Terror, which can be done with your HUD.

Let us know what you think of these updates, or if you have any thoughts for changes you think we should get into the HUDs for this release.

Happy hunting!

48 Responses to “Updates This Week”

  1. Misty Rudyard Says:

    Is there some way the glamouring or terroring vampire/lycan can be compensated for the 1L blood he/she has spent for sending glamour/terror request? What if the human/victim is spamming the player? Moving charisma to website seems sensible as this hasn’t really mattered so much to most players. Personally, I think the charisma option was quite unnecessary.

  2. Misty Rudyard Says:

    Glamouring/terroring a new player can be detrimental to players not aware of Bloodlines gameplay and how are they going to come out of the glamour/terror when they do realise gameplay and want something different?

    PS: Are lycans eventually gonna be called terrorists?! O.o Something doesn’t seem right here.

  3. Thus Yootz Says:

    It sounds as if new possible players can be forever trapped and never enter the game with the Glamour / Terror option. We know many get bitten randomly and if someone ends up using Glamour / Terror on them, someone they don’t really like or can relate to, even someone who has even left the game since, their souls are forever trapped there. Why would they enter the game then? And no way out? Then electrum ….and soul trade … too much for getting a new member – and will result in getting fewer. If the Glamour / Terror is used, at least SOME way out of this should be there to counter it. I don’t this anyone likes to be trapped with no escape from a situation, so it will not be positive for bringing in new members in the game, in my opinion. One more way to give the game a bad name and lose a lot of potential new BL members, although I ‘m sure this is not what is intended.

    All the rest sounds really cool!

    (And a bit late, but I must say this, the new coffin & sarcophagus update including the “fill up” option is really fantastic! Thanks !)

  4. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Something we’ve heard a lot of complaints about is “scammers”, or people who will make a bargain with someone to give a player their soul in exchange for paying their way into a clan and training by an existing clan member. But sometimes, once they get the HUD, they can just leave and drink the Wormwood, then not fulfill their side of the bargain, and we think this has made people less likely to make clan-joining deals like this. I think that it would be unlikely one would use a Glamour or Terror on someone unless the new person had already expressed an interest in getting embraced or enraged, and in giving their soul to the clan. Basically, if you want to make bargains with new players to bring them into your clan, the Glamour or Terror will give you insurance to make sure they aren’t trying to scam you. Then, after they’ve joined, if they’re a human, it gives you a cool new feature to use. Being Glamoured or Terrored shouldn’t stop anyone from joining the game, and it doesn’t mean that they are stuck anywhere forever. All it means is that they can’t get out of a bargain by drinking Wormwood. This evens it out so that people who want to make clan-joining bargains can enforce those bargains, and people who get bitten randomly will still be able to use the Wormwood to get out of Limbo. Someone would have to accept both the Glamour AND a bite request in order to have their soul promised to someone. It’s doubtful that people would go around sending random Glamour requests, because it costs a liter of blood or 10 lumens if it’s accepted.

  5. smowadeng Says:

    I have loved recent updates like the “max” feature on the coffin. I’m also excited about the new web based features that you mentioned are coming. I believe having a stronger web based community here will only make us stronger and improve communications. I can’t wait.

    my biggest fear is that this will confuse the new person to SL even more. Most have no concept of spam biting. I think its a bit much to expect them to understand the term “glamour” and what the consequences are. I’m a got case and point. While I was not bitten early on, someone I knew was. she spent a considerable time trying to find out what it meant and what she should do. As a manager in SL’s second oldest women’s club, I have had many noobs come to me after being spam bitten. To be honest, I had a poor impression of vampires for a long time. Now I am undead and proud of it. I’ve been a vampire since last summer and I joined Bloodlines last December. I am so glad I did and this has become such a big part of my SL experience. Here is the kicker. I don’t think I’d be here if I had learned that I had not only mistakenly accepted a bite one night when I was new, but I also had accepted something called a “glamour.” A big part of me coming to Bloodlines was that someone special to me as able to possess my soul. If I had need a costly Electrum Potion and the whole getting my special someone to find a soul to trade, I doubt I’d be here now. It would have been too much to go through. Sure, I could have created another avatar, but I wouldn’t have/. I have a rich history that I want to keep intact, so that was not an option.

    I read in another comment praising this about clan contracts. I can’t speak of this and I don’t want to seem insensitive to that plight by not addressing it. It is the first I have heard of the issue, though I am only in Bloodlines a few months. I do hope you can find a way to rectify the issue. In my discussion with others, I have not heard about this, but I have dealt with dozens of new players who have been bitten in my years in SL.

    I’n closing, I love many of the improvements that have come along. I’m looking forward to the web based features that are coming. My only fear is that the glamour/terror thing might complicate things for new players who may not understand what they have accepted. I don’t want to have someone come to me and ask that I turn them, only to have to explain that they need to get an Electrum potion, etc. etc.

  6. animorf Kawadias Says:

    Ok why go through the trouble of costing a vampire one liter of vital blood, or a lycan 10 luman and just do away with the wormwood potion. that would stop a lot of issues with things right off. this feels like you are punishing us for their scamming us. I still say the best way to combat the scamming issue is to show us with the hud when we scan them how many times they drank wormwood. That will be an instant tip off that they are a scammer, instead of punishing both registered players as well as new players. Nor will this do jack for stopping those who have already broken the deals and drank wormwood 2 or more times.

    My other sugestion is make wormwood a one time only use just like electrum use to be. if they drink it once, and can not do so again, then eventually they have to register and the second person to have bitten them will get the soul. The issue will not go away untill you fix the potion, Glamour or Terror will do nothing for the current issue just fix the issue in the future. It still does nothing for fixing the problem at hand.. Fix the bleeding potions first and then fix the hud so we can see from the hud, without logging in to a web site who has drank wormwood X amount of times. Unlimited use was a bad idea, wormwood should have always stayed a one time use potion. And we should have the ability to see how many times those that are scamming have already drank it.

    Glamor and Terror feels like punishment to us, for their cheating not ours.

  7. animorf Kawadias Says:

    OK having looked at this again, and seeing this (If you Glamor or Terror a new player who has not yet worn a HUD, it will prevent them from drinking the Wormwood potion in order to free their soul from limbo. That means that their soul will always go to you first if you bite them and then they join.)

    This sounds like you are trying to give us a way to police, the scamming which if that is the case with as bad as it is at the current moment, I would suggest allowing us to Glamor and Terror those that have drank wormwood only. Or fix it so that if they have drank wormwood, that when they are bitten that they are automatically Glamor or Terror when the HUD bites them this would prevent them from drinking wormwood again, and going off to scam someone else. If you wish to add Glamor or Terror for those who are fresh victims I would put that in a way that it cost the person doing it vital blood or lumen but fix it so that an automatically Glamor or Terror person who has drank wormwood does not cost us.

    If it is done automatically, after having drank wormwood and the person in question gets the notice the bite request is Glamor or Terror as a automatic bite it should stop them from trying to scam. As if they refuse it, then we can just chalk it up to them trying to scam us, and just go on about our marry little ways, and if we see they have been Glamor or Terrorized we can just say sorry can’t help you you have to go see x person for a HUD as no one else can bite you. And if they try to drink wormwood again, they get a auto response that says this potion will not work, as you have been Glamor or Terrorized.

    If you wish to do it the other way around, and allow it to be done on a fresh for free, and cost us to do it for a automatic bite with them having drank wormwood, it could be a way to key us off that they are trying to scam. But I would still suggest fixing the wormwood so it is a one time use only.

  8. Thus Yootz Says:

    Lyle Maeterlinck wrote: “But sometimes, once they get the HUD, they can just leave and drink the Wormwood,(…)”
    Last time I knew, the wormwood didn’t work after the hud, only before – has that changed? If not, the only way out of the Glamor/Terror is electrum + a soul.

    About being scammed, meaning having the hud money stolen, the vendors give the option of gifting. After having bitten them, you send the hud – not give money. I have only heard once, 3 years ago, of someone getting the hud and going to join another clan before wearing it. So if you bite and gift the crate, all is good.

    Honestly, you expect a newbie to know what Glamor/Terror will be is that they will refuse it ? And ok, “terror” sounds negative enough to refuse, but “Glamor” would really sound like “WOW” to a newbie – who would refuse some .. glamor?

    Would vampires waste 1 l of vital or 10 lumens to trap souls they don’t even wish? Why not? I have seen far too many wasting more money for more stuff… Why not have some vindictive fun trapping clueless newbies and stopping others from getting them? I have seen some bad stuff in those 3 years …

    Allowing the possibility of trapping clueless newbies isn’t going to be positive for the game. Or real active persons’ soul hunters either.

  9. serafina sorciere Says:

    Glamouring might as well be the same as spam biting. I take in many players who have souls in limbo over a year old. They dont know they have been bitten. Last night a friend who has been on here a 1 1/2 years came to me as he was spam bitten in a No Bite club. His soul is gone. I had to wormwood him and buy him a hud so his soul would not be in limbo and in line to the person who spam bit him to build her blood royality. Now they can glamour and hold that persons soul for a month, 6 months, a year. Hell the clan might not even exist or that player and if this person later, down the road meets a clan they would really like to join, we will have to electrum the soul. How is that fair, in electruming I have to give a soul to a person who didnt give a diddly about getting this person a hud and getting them in a clan.People spam bite to try to lock down a soul and thats not right to the clans who actually take time to recruit and train the proper way.

  10. Darknessking666 Says:

    i don’t like this idea for thee hud update

  11. Darknessking666 Says:

    what are you guys thinking with this idea don’t put it through it will cause alot of spamming and cost clans alot of lindens to retrieve their souls

    From Blue Bloods Clan

  12. Lester Says:

    I do not care for the new hud one bit i do not think it is fare to be able to bite some one with out there permission

  13. SalAvindar Says:

    I don’t like this idea for a HUD update. What if we have blood doll’s or minion’s or whatever we wish to call them and we use for blood draining to feed our minion’s who are fanged or clawed? That it is hazardous to those of us that have blood doll’s because if it’s a newly turned blood doll and isn’t understanding of the rules that the new HUD has been given. Then they can be drained and it’ll be on US the liege to pay for it. Bad change in this Hybrid’s opinion.

    Consider this my official protest. Thank you.

    Saladin Avindar
    Hybrid of Blue Blood’s

  14. serenfallen Says:

    I think that making the wormwood potion a one time use would be much better..I don’t understand why we need to lose 1l of blood or 10l of lumens. the glamour/terror I feel it would complicate things.
    and trying to explain this to someone new to sl would discourage them in joining bloodlines.Since i have joined the bloodlines family i have enjoyed sl much more,i love the hunt, but trying to explain all of this will be more of a headache than a fun experience.

  15. Silent Quartz Says:

    first of all with this update , you are not fixing the problem about being scammed , you just make it formal. which means , i am allowed to scam ppl and bite them without there permissions and that is not our principles.
    and by using this Glamour and terror some ppl will take advantage on new players , or not experienced ones , which i see it un fair for me , my ppl or other players.
    some will climb on other new players and feed them selves , while others will pay for it.
    and in another hand , some new ppl will be attacked without their knowledge , like noobs or new players on sl , which is also un fair when they decide to join bloodlines and figure out that they r cursed and stuck with that person who attacked them.
    as we all know here , how many un fair , dis honest , and cheaters r playing bloodlines game, and they don’t even teach their ppl how to play it ,, so how would it be with this update !!!!?
    so in my opinion you are just killing the joyfulness of playing bloodlines with this update.
    Blue Bloods Enforcer : Silent Quartz

  16. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    I don’t think anyone is likely to send out random Glamour requests, because if the request is accepted, it costs you 1 liter of blood or 10 lumens that you never get back. Also, the person accepting the request will have to agree to two dialogs, first an agreement to the Glamour request, and then an animation permission dialog. Even if someone sends one out randomly, it will be difficult to accept by accident unless someone is being extremely careless.
    Thus: the Wormwood doesn’t work after you have *worn* the HUD, but it can work after someone has *bought* you the HUD. Also, no one’s soul is ever trapped anywhere forever.
    This isn’t about trapping anyone, it’s about giving everyone an available bargaining position. For clans who want to recruit and train people, this gives them the assurance that the person they’re investing in isn’t an infiltrator or scamming them.
    Here’s an example of the type of exchange we’re imagining: someone comes to a clan and says “I’ll join your clan if you pay my way into the game.”, and the clan can say “Ok, but you have to let us Glamour you first.” They don’t have to do this, but now they will have the option. Or, if they decide to trust the person, they can bring them in without Glamouring them and take a risk, but save a liter of blood.

  17. Pimpataur Says:

    The concern I have is that it will deter people from participating due to perceived increased expense. We like the Bloodlines system but continually have to answer inquiries about using free systems. I hope this does not cause more fuel to that fire as we sometimes have to defend our decision to participate in Bloodlines successfully or lose members. Losing members is bad for our clan and bloodlines.

  18. catherine73 Says:

    Not a good idea, i dont think anyone who doesnt want to be bitten should have to worry about being bitten. that is violating that persons rights and if this should pass then maybe a way that person can defend themself is to be able to throw some magic at them to push them away. fair is fair in that case. and its not fair to those who dont know about the bloodline when they first get on. not fair to anyone. im completely againist this.

  19. Silent Quartz Says:

    i guess lyle u know nothing about whats going on , in this way , i am gonna use this attack , drain blood dolls then sale their blood , cheaper than you.. do u think its fair enough for you ?
    we only want to enjoy this game , and sadly in this way u r ruining it..
    Blue Bloods Enforcer : Silent Quartz

  20. Immortal Goddess Says:

    I hate blogging…But to Support my Family I’m here. In my opinion, I think this new update for the huds will end up causing alot of chaos and confusion. especially for those who have just joined secondlife. You would be suprised on how often newer players accepts things without a second thought. Perhaps this is due to inexperiance.. or simply being Naive who knows but we have all been new members at some point or other and weve atleast fallen into this once in our livetimes here. accpeting a animation…without thinking of its effects. So to save us all from futher headache Let us just not move forward with the update. Thank you Slayerchic *Princess of Blue Bloods Clan*

  21. willowsong35 topaz Says:

    What happens to our Blood dolls once they are in our System and some one wants to prove that yes they can and will do whatever they want to them. For those who think this game is all about rp and could care less whos RP they step all over. They DOnt care if its 10liters of blood they lose. They can now glamor/terror someone who has a hud and force a bite or attack on them becuase they want to. For those of us who chose to keep out dolls our own and our dolls who chose to keep thier liege as the only ones who bite them or keep it in the family you offer them no protection, Except for wearing the garlic. as far as traping souls this will indeed trap them. players are already demanding th trade of active souls instead of non active playes and not willing to trade forcing teh use of elctrum because of the updates you all are talking about . When you take away the option of worm wood you assume that all players play by bloodlines rules whuch they do not. Differnt clans make up their own rules and expect other to follow their rules. DO not make this a mony game and make the sl wolrd more Determental toward Vamps and lycans than it already is.
    Willow Song
    Blue Blood Noble

  22. Pimpataur Says:

    Lyle, i see you point but i think there is serious imbalance between cost of cause and effect. 1 liter of blood costs roughly 40 to 60 lindens depending on how you get it. so its relatively inexpensive, but the effect of the soul transfer later, when ppl agree to get glammed and have no idea what they are agreeing to often, is 999 to electrum later. Seems to me like the the glam cost should result in more “skin in the game”

  23. serafina sorciere Says:

    Lyle, I appreciate what BL is trying to do. I cannot imagine the BS you go through. Running a full active clan I run into many problems and scamming is very low on the list. I know it happens here and there but not as prevalant as you think at least in this clan, The biggest problem we face is people that have been spammed and pulling them out of Limbo. Now if this glamour is like you say a dialogue then that may cut it down a bit on spamming. I personally never had anyone say, Ill join your clan if you buy me this. To me thats a tip off and I would move away from it. As leiges we usually pay for the hud and expect that they as leiges will do the same down the line for their new minions. But then perhaps I have a different clan, I am not obsessed with a soul count, but rather an active account of people that will want to stay in my clan and help support it. I cannot get this by biting and stacking the souls up. (But I will admit I do like page 1.) for the sake of my people and info. 1. The glam dialog requires 2 questions being asked, making it difficult to just spam it? 2. Lets say a Sancta is glammed now it costs a liter of blood from the vamp to do this butr once they are glammed can we feed off the blood doll indefinately? I pay 1L of blood to bite them without a request each time? Serafina Sorciere Blue Bloods

  24. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    I urge everyone to carefully read the blog post.

    @catherine: When it comes to biting without permission, you will only be able to do this to humans who are already part of the game, who agree to your Glamour request, and they have the option of breaking it at any time using their HUD. No one will be bitten without permission, it is only that they can be bitten multiple times after giving permission once, and they have the power to revoke this permission at any time.
    @Pimpataur: This will not increase the cost to join the game. What perceived expense are you referring to exactly?
    @Silent: Can you explain what you mean by “what’s going on”, and why you think this will ruin the game?

  25. Silent Quartz Says:

    easy. i attack u once , then it will cost me 1L , after that i drain u and i will win 5L, sale them cheaper than bloodlines. or save them for my rainy days.
    like blood dealers , they sale blood cheaper than bloodlines.

  26. willowsong35 topaz Says:

    This is what the blog says “If you Glamour or Terror a human who has already joined, you will be able to bite them without asking, until they break the Glamour or Terror, which can be done with your HUD.” so maybe you need to clarify what WITHOUT ASKING MEANS??????????

    If you are not awar what a blind bit is i sugest you put on an alt and hang out in your bloodlines area for a bit, you will get spammed over and over of people trying to bite you or go to a newby spot happens all the time. The problem is new peopel who dont understand dont know the fiffernce between a friendship rquest a tp or a bite and now you offering something elce for them to click off on ???

    Willow Song
    Blue Blood Noble

  27. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    @Silent: you will not be able to do this to someone unless they agree to it first. The biting without asking is only for existing humans in the game, not for new players. It is not as easy as a simple attack, and they can revoke it at any time.

  28. Silent Quartz Says:

    what will this update add to Bloodlines game and joy !!?

  29. animorf Kawadias Says:

    Lyle, once registured will the human, victim beable to break the Glamor or Terror? and If so will it cost them a % of their humanity to break it once registured? or will it be automaticaly broken upon Registration in to Bloodlines by accepting a hud?

    I would also like to ask if the vampire/lycan/hybrid breaks it will it cost them vital blood or luman for breaking it?

  30. Pimpataur Says:

    Lyle, the perceived expense i mean is this. When a victim is hunted in abyss, wormwood is moderate cost. This happens to many ppl who do not yet understand Bloodlines. The Glam effect will require a 999L potion. This is the perceived cost i am concerned about as newer plays accept one seems to be a harmless glam

  31. celeste huntress Says:

    Why do we need to have changes? Something more to get us confused, or even make others quit.I also agree it will ruin things. It seems that is what a lot are wanting is for more to stop playing.(I got a lot of $L invested in SL/Bloodlines).
    Why not try something that wont cause too much hassle and is going to be easy on some. Like a person who holds souls and puts the garlic on because they don’t want to play no more. Do something where if a person does that with the garlic after so long the souls under them – go to a stage where a different potion can get them. Sorta like rescuing from a dead vamp. Just an idea. Kinda hard to explain.

  32. Armix Portal Says:

    For exemple , a noob cant deffend them self , the bl is not what you can learn i some hours , specialy when you are a new sl player also ….so , this idea is very wrong , if my dolls will be drained i will be f** pisst of , and i am sure not just me. I think the bl player already have a very bad reputation in the whole sl ..lets make it worse ? This is crazy one liter of blood for five ? good deal will work fine for the players who dont play fair , will make the blood market be f** again. So …dont know why you try to ruin the game ? dormacy , now this ? hmmm ….many ppl will wear the garlic

  33. willowsong35 topaz Says:

    Hey Lyle whos gonna feed our Humans after someone drains them be it by accident or not??? Seems like another way for BL to sell apples/cider or do we just have them wear garlic when out off sim? Or is this your Guys way of forcing More humans into becoming Vamp and Lycan? Becuase this really makes NO SENCE.

    Willow Song
    Blue Blood Noble

  34. pwayne balehawk Says:

    i will be using the glamour on all new prospects. its only a 1l cost of blood. and if that person joins up, even with another clan, i am guaranteed a soul and for only 60 lindens worth of blood.. its a great investment.. and if that new person doesnt like / get alongs with my family and goes elsewhere i still get the soul. i do see where more electrum potions will be purchased.. i am still a little confused about the glamoured human, once it agrees to be glamoured can it be drained to zero ? if so thats another great investment of 60 lindens.. what if that person is offline and doesnt know its being drained ?

  35. daj101 Says:

    i dont see how this will help any the new one to sl are easy to be tricked waring the hud or not there is lot to learn when u first enter sl the old players know this so they tell them ill help you out ill send you some hair and clothes then the new comer is just happy that someone is helping and in the mess of stuff they send is a random bite they accept it not even knowing that they been bitten so now the ones playing the bloodlines get a bad rep now you want to make it more easier for them to get free blood from them how is this fair and who will care for the one that got attacked there liege of course i dont see this to be fair if u want to make it better then u should make it where they cant be bitten at all unless they are waring a hud then there wouldnt be so many bitten with out even knowing if u think they care bout wasting lindens or blood well u better think again

  36. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Let me make this clear: no one’s rights are being taken away. Humans will have to AGREE to be glamoured, and can revoke it at any time. If you don’t understand something about this update, please just ask instead of making assumptions. Just so you know, we are listening to everyone’s feedback, and we will make adjustments based on your thoughts.

  37. willowsong35 topaz Says:

    Ok Lyle you said this in the post “. If you Glamour or Terror a human who has already joined, you will be able to bite them without asking, until they break the Glamour or Terror, which can be done with your HUD.”that says to me a blood dole already playing can be glammored and bitted wWITHOUT BEING ASKED ??? what am i missing ??? Does that not take their choice from them??? Even if its one bite its one to many.

    Blue Bloods

  38. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Hi willowsong35, no, that’s not how it will work. I’m sorry that this wasn’t clear. Here’s how it will work:

    1. The human’s liege will send a Glamour request to the human. This request will inform the human that if they accept, their liege will be able to bite them again without the human having to agree to another dialog.
    2. If the human denies the request, nothing happens, and everything continues to work as it does now. If they accept the request, they will be set as Glamoured by their Liege, and a bite will take place.
    3. Once this request has been agreed to by the human, the liege will be able to bite them again without the human having to agree to another dialog.
    4. If, at any point, the human doesn’t want to be bitten without confirmation any more, they will be able to break the Glamour using their HUD. At all times, the Human will only remain Glamoured by choice.

    Please let me know if there is anything else that isn’t clear about this.

  39. phoebe renfold Says:

    I do not like this Idea at all, for one we lose money buying the hud for the new player and we will lose blood/Lumin as well. Why did we buy our forever protection amulet if we will be drained anyways. And when noobs join and they get a glam request they will think it is to make their avies look better. I for one will stop hunting all together if this goes through and will not put another lindin into Bloodlines. And taking someones rights away is not right a person should have the right to decide to be bit or not. This WILL NOT stop spammers it will only add more to what is lost in the Spam.

    Blue Blood Family Clan

  40. daj101 Says:

    can anyone send a request to glamour or terror any blood doll even if they arent in there clan as long as they ware a hud if so then a new player will not understand what is happening or how to stop it so what happens then and if they get a random bite and there soul is in limbo why would it be right for that soul to be bound to the first person to bite them

  41. SalAvindar Says:

    I just saw the update Lyle and was curious. Does the updated information also apply to Lycans and wont drain their lumens? I figured i’d ask that important question for the werewolves and hybrids out there that’s probably wondering that very same thing.

    Thank you for listening to our protests of the proposed updates and tweaking it accordingly. Shows that you truly care about our input as Bloodlines players, and consumers.

    Saladin Avindar
    Blue Bloods

  42. SalAvindar Says:

    My partner and wife was also curious: will the confirmation include a brief description about the glamour/terror before they agree to it? For those new to SL or Bloodlines it’d be a great way to have it in the description for the agreement to take place.

    Again thank you.

  43. Morag Macintyre Says:

    /me suggest to stay Zen 🙂
    Anyone being scammed once , should get that this change will probably help us..
    i don’t think this changes will be the end of the world guys , it even could have exist till the beginning of the game and no one would even have notice it 🙂
    Well , i’m going to continue to play , i don’t think anyone is ” forced ” to use that feature , and we are all free to continue to do as we are used to do , it’s just a ” plus ” for those who like to role play a lot with their humans …

    PS: hands some cup of mild tea for those who had already too much cofee for today 🙂
    Oh and @ misty , lmfao about the lycans called ” terrorists ” :p

  44. serafina sorciere Says:

    Tnk You Lyle 🙂

  45. animorf Kawadias Says:

    Lyle,This is what I am unclear on with regards to the Glamor and Terror.

    ((will it cost them a % of their humanity to break it once registured? or will it be automaticaly broken upon Registration in to Bloodlines by accepting a hud? I would also like to ask if the vampire/lycan/hybrid breaks it will it cost them vital blood or luman for breaking it?))

    NOW AS FOR THE DORMENT DEAL: As I have understood what Lyle has said in regards to going DORMENT, it will have NO AFFECT ON YOUR STATS FOR THOSE OF US WITH THE AMULETS. And I repeat IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR STATS, so stop bitching and moaning and growing and whining and crying. You will NOT LOOSE BLOOD IF YOU HAVE THE FOREVER PROTECTION AMULET OR TORTUM. It will be as if you simply chose to hybernate, and when you wake up you will still have all your blood, all your souls, everything. Think of it as if you are a grizly bear who has gone in to hybernation for the winter. If your minion are still active but you are not, then you wake to having minion with more souls. while you are simply in a state of suspended animation.

    For those of us with the forever protection amulets, the domant status just means we are in a state of suspended animation, as if we was in a stasus chamber, for a long space flight.

  46. Blue McAuley Says:

    So if a minion accepts the glamour then only the liege can random bite..thx?

  47. AJDreage Says:

    i cant even sign in

  48. smexycoral resident Says:

    i have logged in and still cannot access the sending of charisma what is wrong i have tried for 30 minutes now