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Seeking Feedback: Dormancy

March 22nd, 2012 by Lyle Maeterlinck

UPDATE 3/27/2012: After reading all of the feedback that we received, we’ve decided not to go ahead with this update. The description of this update caused a lot of confusion, and we don’t want to make any updates that cause anyone to worry about their stats. We only want to make updates that people are generally excited about, and some people thought that this was fair, but no one was really excited about it. Thanks to everyone who let us know their thoughts!

UPDATE: No one likes the idea of souls from “dormant” minions no longer totaling upwards, so scratch that. Also, many people don’t like the idea of having to be involved in a bite every 30 days, so now the proposal has changed to: just log in once every 30 days and wear one of your HUDs, and you’ll stay listed in the stats. If you don’t log in for 30 days, you’ll go “dormant”. If you log in after being dormant, you will come back from being dormant, and will be back in the stats. To clarify, this will not affect souls or other stats, it would just remove dormant players from rankings.

ORIGINAL POST: We’ve heard from some of you about the issue with players ranked in the stats on no longer actively participating in the Bloodlines community, or perhaps not having logged in for a long time, and we agree that players ranked in the live stats on the website should be current, active players of Bloodlines. We have a simple approach that we believe would accomplish this, but before we put it in place, we’d like to hear what you think.

Here’s our idea: make sure that anyone listed in the stats (generation, royalty, wealth) has been involved in a vampire bite or lycan attack in the last 30 days. So, if a vampire goes 30 days without biting anyone, or being bitten, they would automatically become dormant. Dormant vampires would not appear on the public stats, and would be moved to a separate list. A dormant vampire could come back and be re-listed on the stats simply by biting or being bitten.

Another idea we’d like to propose is the idea of the souls of dormant vampires no longer adding to the total souls of their liege, similar to humans. So, feel free to comment on this post, or contact Lyle Maeterlinck or Mars Bracken in-world with your thoughts on this potential change. We’ll be taking feedback on this until Monday, March 26. After that, we’ll let everyone know what we decide to do with this.



52 Responses to “Seeking Feedback: Dormancy”

  1. Erica69 Says:

    I work away from home and dont get to log in for lng periods of time. simply becasue i am in an inaccessable isolated place without net, With this proposition becasue i work from away home i am to be penalised and my efforts not deemed to be valid ? Thats not really fair.

    It seems to me that people keep the old dormant kings and queens alive its a bit of the good old tall poppy syndrome were, the totals are hard to chase so lets get rid of the totals. IF as you say Paddy is the problem, So whatif hes or anyone in the rankings are retired. If their lines growing even in thier “retirement”, then its testimony to thier line and the loyalty of thier minions that keeps him there.

    If your want take them off the rankings then do it teh ame way they got there, by building strong lines. Not by saying their aw its not fair i can nver catch them and they are not here so not working hard enough for them to have earnt thier place. Obviously they did the hard yards thats why they are there. They have good strong lines an they paying off now.
    How long before dormancy becomes permanent removal from the game. They all invested the money in this game. BL is a numbers game and we know what we signed up for and those that get to teh top levels have spents small fortunes and hve a lot of time and effort as wel as money invested in thier lines when you start doing the math. Its not fair to strip them of thier investment or work. If people want to take them out let them do the same.

  2. Pimpataur Says:

    Lyle, I wanted to mention that your final proposal seems like a great idea and i appreciate and commend you on your efforts to review this issue.

    JD Parkes