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“Resident” Names Addressed

January 31st, 2011 by Mars Bracken

The way the Bloodlines vendors, website, and HUDs interact with the “Resident” surname have been updated today. When using vendors and attempting to gift to an avatar with the last name of Resident, you no longer have to type both names, you can type just their first user name and it should find them. On the website, we have scrubbed the last name “Resident” from all the profiles and listings, and searches can be made using just the first name of these new avatars. All HUD functions that deal with avatar names, IE lieging, can be done now by typing just the first name of any avatar with a Resident last name. In all these cases, however, typing both first and last names still works.

We hope that makes things a little easier to deal with, and makes our newer players feel less stigma towards their status as souls and Minions.

One Response to ““Resident” Names Addressed”

  1. lemming Fallen Says:

    All i have to say is Woot 😀 i think this is the best result. Display anmes is the worst thing ever to happen to SL every week i have to refind my frinds that thinks putting a new name on amkes them easier to find on my list. lol