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Updates today: Haunts and Bar Packs

December 4th, 2015 by Lyle Maeterlinck

haunt_fridgesToday we’re issuing updates to the Haunts and Bar Pack affiliate vendors, including the Vital Blood Bar, the Moonshine Bar, the Cider Bar, and the Mega Bar Pack. If you own any of these bar packs, you will be automatically delivered updates to all of them. If you own the Vital Blood Bar, the Moonshine Bar, or the Cider Bar, these can also be updated at any Liquid Designs update terminal. The Haunt and the Mega Bar Pack can’t be updated at terminals because they contain the no-copy Haunt. If you own at least one Haunt or at least one Mega Bar Pack, you’ll be delivered an auto-updater for your Haunts. This auto-updater will update your Haunts in place. Just rez one copy of the auto-updater on any region where you have Haunts placed, touch it for the menu, and select ‘Update’, then wait for it to finish updating and reconnecting all of your Haunts. If you have a large number of Haunts on a single sim, you may need to run the update process more than once, as it can only update a limited number of Haunts at a time.

This update will make your Haunts more stable and reliable, and use fewer resources on your region. The Bar Pack affiliate vendors have also been updated with stability updates, and can now be used with Liquid Designs gift cards. If you own Haunts or Bar Pack affiliate vendors, please update them as soon as possible. If you don’t receive updates, and you believe you should have, please contact Lyle Maeterlinck. Happy Haunting, and Cheers!

Bloodlines Event: Walking On Air

December 3rd, 2015 by Noire Luminos

AIR_CLOUD_PARTY_3Time to lighten up and shake off the week! Pop over to Bloodlines and get lost in our fluffy white clouds! Come walk on air!

When: Friday, December 4th

Time: 4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Bloodlines Event: Radioactive Future

November 19th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

fallout_partyThe nuclear war has ended. The time is rough, but the new era has began! Are you ready to fight for a better life and protect the ones you love? Come prove the best of humanity has survived the apocalyptic waste!

When: Friday, November 20th  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Bloodlines Event: Friday The 13th

November 12th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

FRIDAYTHE13TH_2Here it comes…Friday the 13th… Are you suffering from triskaidekaphobia? Or afraid of the masked figure lurking in the darkness? There there. It’s all in your mind! Come on over to Bloodlines and have a Black Friday blast!!

When: Friday, November 13th  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Keep your Second Life Account Secure

November 11th, 2015 by Lyle Maeterlinck

Recently, we have gotten some reports of Second Life accounts getting taken over and their Lindens and /or Bloodlines assets transferred to other accounts. Many refer to this as their account getting “hacked”, but it is more likely that they are getting phished, brute-forced, or their passwords simply guessed. Accounts are not getting compromised “through” Bloodlines or because of Bloodlines. There is absolutely no way that someone could gain access to your Second Life account through your Bloodlines account. The Bloodlines system does not interact with your Second Life authentication in any way.

Regardless, there are a few easy, simple things you can do to make sure this never happens to you. Keep in mind that we are not talking about your account here, or your account on this blog, we are talking about the authentication you use to log into the Second Life viewer.

  1. Make sure your password is strong, and is not anything remotely related to your name, or any word, or anything that remotely makes sense. Make sure it is long, includes numbers, symbols, and both capital and lowercase letters. If your name is Wilson, “wilson” is a bad password. So is “w1ls0n5”. Your password should look something like this: “FSm%9G*NxrZM#C”. Yes, it’s inconvenient to have a password like this, but so is getting all of your stuff stolen.
  2. Never give your password to anyone.
  3. Really, never ever give your password to anyone, for any reason. I mean it.
  4. NO, not even your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, mother, son, or siamese twin. Nobody. Never, never, NEVER give your password to anyone!!!
  5. Ok, now that that’s out of the way: DON’T CLICK ON LINKS POSTED IN GROUPS OR IN ANY CHAT ANYWHERE IN SECOND LIFE! Once again, if someone posts a link to something in Second Life: DO NOT CLICK ON IT!!! This is how you get phished, someone will post a link to a “marketplace” listing that you think goes to, but it really goes to, which looks just like the sl marketplace, and is designed to capture your login and password (once you type it in), so then they can log in as you and steal all of your stuff. In this example:, “” is the domain you’re going to, and marketplace.secondlife has been set up as a subdomain there. Anyone who owns a domain can set up any subdomain they like on it. Make sure you look at the domain right before the “.com” to see what the real domain is that you’re visiting.
  6. Don’t type your password into anything except a trusted Second Life viewer, or into the website, after you have manually typed into your browser window, and made sure that the last thing before the first “/” in the URL is “”, and not “”. A good practice is to never type your SL password into anything unless you manually typed the URL into your browser.
  7. Don’t worry so much about people getting your public IP address. This tells them very little, and everything you do on the internet exposes your public IP address in some way. This is not how they are getting you. They are getting you because you are doing something like:
    1. Having an insecure password that is easy to guess.
    2. Giving your password to someone.
    3. Clicking on links in chat groups.
    4. Typing your password into sites that you clicked on from chat groups.

On top of that, if someone comes to you saying they are “quitting Second Life” and want to sell you all of their souls and containers, it is likely to be a scam. If someone tells you this, and you buy all of their stuff, and then we find out later that the account had been taken over by someone else, we are going to return everything that you bought from them. If someone is offering a large dump of resources like this, it is a good idea to contact their liege and confirm it with them, or someone else in their clan who knows them. Something else you can do is give them a waiting period, tell them you will buy it in 3 days if everything is still for sale, and report it to Lyle Maeterlinck, and we can check on it. If the person is truly quitting Bloodlines or Second Life, then they shouldn’t mind if we lock their Bloodlines account for 3 days to make sure that the real account owner doesn’t come back. If you’re really quitting Bloodlines or Second Life and want to sell all of your stuff, contact Lyle Maeterlinck first, and I can lock your account for a waiting period to make sure the real account owner doesn’t come back.

If someone asks you to transfer money outside of second life through Paypal or a bank transfer or any other way, it is almost definitely a scam. Don’t do this.

Given all of this, we can never guarantee or be held responsible for third-party transactions. If you are buying containers directly from us, we absolutely guarantee them, but if you are buying souls or containers from anyone else, there is a risk involved. Be careful, take things slowly, and use good judgment. Feel free to contact me directly in Second Life (Lyle Maeterlinck), or comment on this post if you have questions.

Bloodlines Contest: Best Family Photo

November 10th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

FAMILY_PHOTO_CONTESTBloodlines is running a contest to see who can take the best Family Photo! So get your clan, pack, horde or guild together, and snap a picture.

The contest is free to enter, and you may enter as many times as you like (as long as each photo is different).

How to Enter
1) Take a photo of a clan, pack, guild or horde
2) Put the texture in a notecard, along with your name and the Title of the photo
3) Submit the notecard at the Drop Box:

Bloodlines Contest Headquarters or Contest Headquarters South

Contest Rules
Time: The contest will end on November 19th, 2015.

Judging: Entries will be judged by Mars Bracken, Lyle Maeterlinck and Noire Luminos.

Criteria: Entries will be judged based on the overall image, but some things to consider might be setting, lighting, , and the avatars involved. Photoshopping is acceptable.

– Top 7 entries will be hung in picture frames on Bloodlines property.
– 3rd place entry will win a full 100L Lumen or 10L Blood Tank
– 2nd place entry will win a full 150 Lumen or 15L Blood Tank
– 1st Place entry will win a full 200 Lumen Tank or 20L Blood Tank and a Bloodlines Haunt Destination System, as well as a Vial of Mars Bracken’s Lumens or Blood

For any questions, contact Noire Luminos or a Bloodlines Liaison.

Bloodlines event: Slaves and Pharaohs

November 5th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

EGYPTIAN_EVENTPharaohs, slaves and citizens of all classes: You are cordially invited to Bloodlines this Friday evening! Wrap yourself in your most prized clothing and come experience one of the most advanced civilizations!

When: Friday, November 6th  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Bloodlines event: Halloween Party

October 29th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

HALLOWEEN_2015The haunting night is upon us!! It’s time for the festival of the dead!!  Dress up in your best disguise and come celebrate with us this Friday evening. We got great music and prizes ready for best costumes!

When: Friday, October 30th  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Bloodlines Event: Star Voyage

October 22nd, 2015 by Noire Luminos

Star_Voyage_EventPut on your space suit and strap in for exploration and adventure!! The Captain invites you to our spaceship this Friday!!  Get ready to dance amongst the stars as we travel into the galaxy!

When: Friday, October 23rd  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border

Bloodlines Event: Northern Lights

October 7th, 2015 by Noire Luminos

Northern_lightsCollision of particles has cast magnificent auroras over Bloodlines!! Come dance with the lights this Friday evening! Prizes, music and everything you need for the best night of partying!

When: Friday, October 9th  4-7pm

Where: Liquid South/Badlands Border