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Series 5 Prisms

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Announcing the release of Series 5 prisms, in Bone and Iron styles. They each come with all of the new features that we recently released on the series 5 tanks, including changeable textures, custom tags, sales configuration, and enhanced hover text. In addition, they have a land impact of only 3. They can also be auto-updated, so you will never have to buy a future update again. The Bone style prisms come with 9 different bone textures, including Minotaur, Cyclops, Chimera, Elk, Direwolf, Giant, Boar, and Mammoth. The Iron prisms come in 9 different metal colors. More texture sets are coming soon!

Series 5 prisms are truly the next generation of Lumen storage, and are part of the foundation of your Bloodlines Lycan gear. These prisms are also linked up with the new Liquid Designs licensing system, so they can be sold through regular vendors, and affiliate vendors. If you own a set of Rage affiliate vendors, just get a redelivery of the vendors from any update terminal located at a Bloodlines store, or the update terminal that came with your original vendors, and the new crate will include the Prism affiliate vendors, so you can start selling prisms today, and earning commission on them. We are really excited about this update, and we hope you are too!

Blood Tanks and Casks Affiliate Vendors

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

affiliate_tanks_casksWe have just released new Blood Tank and Cask Affiliate vendors. They are packaged in the same crate with the existing Thirst affiliate vendors. Just to be clear: we have not added the Tanks and Cask products to the existing affiliate vendor product sets, we have added new, separate affiliate vendors to the same crate as the existing affiliate vendors. So, in order to get the Tank and Cask affiliate vendors, you will need to get an update of the affiliate vendor crate from an update terminal. Pressing the update button on your existing vendors will not add them. Once more: this is a new set of affiliate vendors, it’s just been added to the same crate. Commission is 3%, the same as all other Bloodlines affiliate vendors, and they work the exact same way. So, if you already own the affiliate vendors, you just need to go to the update terminal and get an update. If you don’t, you can pick them up at any Bloodlines store for 1L$. We hope you enjoy these new vendors!

Blood Containers Series 5

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Mesh Tanks and Casks

Presenting Blood Containers Series 5, our best containers ever. These containers have been re-built from the ground up, both inside and out. They are jam-packed with features, and almost everything about them is customizable. Every container comes with 9 free changeable textures, and premium texture expansion packs are on the way. You can also tag your container with a bit of text to help keep track of it, and the tag will add itself to the object name, and to the hover text, which you can also change the color of, or turn off completely. These containers come with the same level of security options as previous releases, where you can open your container to the whole grid, to a list of up to 25 friends, or to a group, or you can lock it down and keep all the blood for yourself.

Series 5 also comes with the ability to accept Linden payments for blood directly through the containers, at a price per liter that you set. Blood sales are also subject to security controls, so you can set different prices for different groups or lists of friends, and keep everyone else out. You can also use your containers to sell larger amounts of blood to others who own Blood siphons. They can pay your container to siphon directly into their own container. The hover text will keep you updated on the full security and sales status of your container.

What’s more: these containers are no longer purchased from the rez-style vendors on Liquid Estate. They have been integrated into the same licensing system that we use for other no-copy items such as the drinks and apples, so they are delivered directly from our inventory servers. This means that Tank and Cask affiliate vendors are coming soon. And one more thing: these containers will be able to be updated for life, and you’ll never have to buy a new version in order to get the new features.

Stay tuned, we will be releasing Series 5 Prisms and Cider Barrels very soon!

The Soul Trophy

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

If you’re one of the many Bloodlines soulkeepers who has a special soul that is near and dear to them, now you can put that soul on display in-world using the new Bloodines Soul Trophy. The Soul Trophy is an attractive display case for any soul that you’re the keeper of. It comes with 10 default textures and 8 glass styles that combine to give you 80 different possible looks for displaying your favorite soul. When you load a soul into the Soul Trophy, the base loads that soul’s avatar picture and Bloodlines Status on an official soul certificate at the base of the trophy, and also loads particle effects. Start showing off those souls you’re most proud of today! Soul Trophy Instructions

The Apple Tree

Friday, March 28th, 2014

UPDATE 3/29/14: We realized we screwed up, and that it’s unfair to have the apples be 15L in the affiliate vendors. We did this, because to our knowledge, that’s what most people were already doing, buying the apples at the Eternal Orchard for 14L, and then selling them on their own land for 15L. But not everyone was doing that, some were just re-selling them for 14L. So, we decided to change the trees so that apples are 14L across the board, from the trees in the Eternal Orchard, and from trees  you set up on your own land. Current apple trees out there have been updated, but the sign out front will still show 15L. If you want to get an updated tree with 14L on the sign, you can get one for free at any liquid update terminal.

Original post:

At long last! This is our #1 requested item: The Bloodlines Apple Tree, and we’ve finally released it for you to set up on your very own land. The Apple Tree is an attractive full mesh tree with a land impact of only 1 prim. It’s copyable, so feel free to set up an entire orchard!

It comes with a little chalkboard sign out front that lets your visitors know that they can buy apples from the tree. But, if you don’t like the sign, or you want to rez multiple trees, and don’t want a sign on each of them, you can turn the sign off through the tree menu. It also comes with the firefly particle effect you know and love from the Eternal Orchard on Liquid East. This can also be toggled on and off through the tree menu. Apples are sold from these trees at $15L, and you get to keep a $1L commission on each apple sold.

For more information, check out the Apple Tree on the gear page.

HUD Updates! Thirst 4.2, Rage 2.2, Human 2.2!

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Announcing The Thirst 4.2, The Rage 2.2, and The Human HUD 2.2! The updates to these HUDs are relatively minor, but important.

First, we have reduced the number of scripts in the HUD by 16, from 24 down to 8. Second, we have fixed a couple of bugs that showed up in the last release, namely a memory error that sometimes showed up in the Thirst Fangs Glamour function, and a problem with custom animations when doing bites in Free mode.

We’ve also added a new feature to the scanner: the ability to get text or web stats on any Bloodlines member from your HUD, just by typing in their name. This is a convenience method so that if someone isn’t online, you don’t have to go to the website in order to get basic stats on them. You can access this feature by pressing the stats button on your HUD, then selecting ‘TYPE NAME’ from the dialog, then typing their name on the specified channel. There is a different channel for each of the Thirst, Rage, and Human HUDs. You can also quickly get stats for someone by typing the command stats:[name] on the specified channel. For example, you could type /7 stats: Lyle Maeterlinck for the Thirst HUD. Scans done in this way don’t count towards achievements, sorry!

The new HUD crates also include an auto-updater for your fangs, claws, bite marks, and claw wounds, so you don’t have to move your animations. You just have to rez your attachments on the ground next to the updater, then touch the updater to start the update process. Please refer to the README notecard included in your crate for detailed instructions, and feel free to let me (Lyle Maeterlinck) know if you have any problems with this process.

Thanks to all of you for being a part of Bloodlines and making it one of the biggest and strongest communities in Second Life!

The Valerian Potion

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Introducing The Valerian Potion! We often hear from members of the Bloodlines community that they regret certain attacks that appear on their profile, or wish to forget certain names off of their profile. The Valerian Potion is an herbal tonic that can purify your blood and lumens by removing the attacks of a selected person from your history. It can be reversed by drinking the potion again. Valerian has the magical properties of turning negative things into positive things. If you have a negative ghost flowing through your veins, Valerian will help you to release it. For more information, see the Valerian Potion page.

The Mandrake Potion

Friday, August 2nd, 2013
The Mandrake Potion

The Mandrake Potion

Introducing The Mandrake Potion! This potion has hypnotic effects on the drinker, and can be used to insure HUD-for-soul transactions.

We know that one of the biggest challenges of hunting new players and bringing them into your clan is the possibility that they are not who they appear to be, and that they will not fulfill their part of a bargain when someone wants to pay their way into the clan. If a new person agrees to transfer their soul to you in exchange for a Bloodlines HUD, you can splash the Mandrake Potion on them, and if you gift the HUD to them within 24 hours, their soul will be transferred to you. If you don’t buy them the HUD in that period, the potion will wear off and have no further effect. If you have questions, you can find all the details on the Mandrake Instructions Page.

In order to cover up the foul taste of the Mandrake root (we had to add it, it’s the magic part), we’ve added a refreshing lime-mint flavor to this potion, which should also be helpful for when you get up-close and personal for a few bites or scratches with your new minion!

The Mandrake Potion is available now at the main Bloodlines stores, and in Human, Thirst, and Rage accessories affiliate vendors. If you own a set of affiliate vendors, please click on your vendors and update them, and the Mandrake Potion will be added to the vendors.

New Stuff! Cider, Blood, and Lumen Bars and Drink Packs … and Bulk Apples!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Today we have 3 new Bloodlines drinks you can buy and share with your friends: Bloodlines Vital Blood and Moonshine in glass longneck bottles, and Cider in cans. The bottles contain 0.35L of Vital Blood or 3.5 Lumens, and the cans contain 0.35L of Cider, which will restore 7% humanity. You can distribute and share these new drinks in two ways: from affiliate vendor fridges that you set up on your own land, or by buying packs of them to store up or share with your friends.

The fridges come in several different packages, and come with posters and neon signs to hang up and decorate your bar. You can get each of the individual fridges with their associated posters and signs: The Blood Bar, The Cider Bar, or The Moonshine Bar, or, you can get all 3 (plus a Haunt system to place on your land), in The Bar Pack.

You can also buy them in packs of 6, 12, 24, and 48 to take home and store up, or share with your friends! The Vital Blood Pack, The Moonshine Pack, and The Cider Pack all have extensive options for sharing drinks with your friends.

Today we’re also releasing Bulk Apples (at last)! Bulk Apples work just like the drink packs, and also have lots of options for sharing.

Soon, we’ll be holding special events for Bloodlines Haunt bars, so get your Bar Pack, and set up your Bloodlines bar today!


Minor HUD Updates

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

We got a lot of feedback on the recently-released HUDs, and today we’re releasing some minor updates to fix a few bugs, and to give you more options for how you use your HUD. Here are the changes we’ve made:

  1. We added the old scanner back in as an option. Now, you can choose to use the new, robust scanner with detailed information about nearby avatars, or the old scanner that only lists thier names and proximities. You can change this by going to Settings > Scanner > Scan Type > then select ‘Full’ or ‘Lite’. The Lite scanner is the old version, the full scanner is the new version. The Lite version of the scanner can also be used while your HUD is collapsed, just like before.
  2. We re-added the two buttons that show when the HUD is closed: scan and settings, for quick access. These buttons don’t show when the HUD is open, because they are on the main HUD body. We’ve also added the old scan functionality, so that you can get text or web stats for other avatars nearby, without going through the new scanner links.
  3. There was also some concern over the number of scripts in the HUD. We think number of scripts is not a good indicator of performance, because it depends what those scripts are doing. Most of the new scripts in the HUDs were doing very little, and were only used to receive link messages and update text on the scanner. Regardless, we’ve removed 16 scripts from the HUD by combining the name and proximity columns on the new scanner.
  4. We fixed a couple of bugs in the Rage HUD and claws. If you detached your claws or relogged while they were transparent, it wasn’t possible to turn them back on. This has been fixed in the Rage 2.1. We’ve also fixed some strange behavior in the Lycan jump, where the control event was getting triggered for a teleport within the same sim. The previous controls were up + down at the same time. In order to fix this issue, we had to change the control. Now, it’s hold left mouse button + tap up and down at the same time. It’s also now possible to deactivate the lycan jump, in case it interferes with controls on another item under Settings > Jump. We’re really sorry that we let these problems slip through!

Finally, if you still prefer the older version of the HUD, you are welcome to continue to use it. It will not be discontinued, or disabled, and we will continue to support it. We hope you like these updates, and as always, let us know what your thoughts are.