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Seeking Feedback: Dormancy

March 22nd, 2012 by Lyle Maeterlinck

UPDATE 3/27/2012: After reading all of the feedback that we received, we’ve decided not to go ahead with this update. The description of this update caused a lot of confusion, and we don’t want to make any updates that cause anyone to worry about their stats. We only want to make updates that people are generally excited about, and some people thought that this was fair, but no one was really excited about it. Thanks to everyone who let us know their thoughts!

UPDATE: No one likes the idea of souls from “dormant” minions no longer totaling upwards, so scratch that. Also, many people don’t like the idea of having to be involved in a bite every 30 days, so now the proposal has changed to: just log in once every 30 days and wear one of your HUDs, and you’ll stay listed in the stats. If you don’t log in for 30 days, you’ll go “dormant”. If you log in after being dormant, you will come back from being dormant, and will be back in the stats. To clarify, this will not affect souls or other stats, it would just remove dormant players from rankings.

ORIGINAL POST: We’ve heard from some of you about the issue with players ranked in the stats on no longer actively participating in the Bloodlines community, or perhaps not having logged in for a long time, and we agree that players ranked in the live stats on the website should be current, active players of Bloodlines. We have a simple approach that we believe would accomplish this, but before we put it in place, we’d like to hear what you think.

Here’s our idea: make sure that anyone listed in the stats (generation, royalty, wealth) has been involved in a vampire bite or lycan attack in the last 30 days. So, if a vampire goes 30 days without biting anyone, or being bitten, they would automatically become dormant. Dormant vampires would not appear on the public stats, and would be moved to a separate list. A dormant vampire could come back and be re-listed on the stats simply by biting or being bitten.

Another idea we’d like to propose is the idea of the souls of dormant vampires no longer adding to the total souls of their liege, similar to humans. So, feel free to comment on this post, or contact Lyle Maeterlinck or Mars Bracken in-world with your thoughts on this potential change. We’ll be taking feedback on this until Monday, March 26. After that, we’ll let everyone know what we decide to do with this.



52 Responses to “Seeking Feedback: Dormancy”

  1. Jesica Dragovar Says:

    honestly I’m not a fan of this, I have a forever protection amulet, so I dont need to attack anyone, and my clan places soul count as a low priority so I don’t attack to collect souls too often, so under this new option I would be placed as dormant even though I actively participate in Bloodlines often

  2. lemming Fallen Says:

    the firs tideas ok but as jes pointed out not all active ppl bite. so can u do it based on when they logge din? but the second idea is a definet no. Pll work hard to get ppl under them and sometimes my daughters and sons leave bl or sl but that hard work of recruiting them in the first place should not go away. whats the point of a pyrimid sceam if just because they disapeer all ur hard work goes away.

  3. dukmejia Says:

    I think its a bad idea, we have purchased the amulet so we dont have to bite, we work hard for the people we have hunted and have them liege to us, and sometimes they go away for a while,and want their souls to count for the clan they are lieged to, it’s just not fair we’ve bout the souls worked to recruit the ppl and now their just going to be taken away from us… not cool…they get the amulet and have their minions get the amulet so they will remain a vampire or lycan… I DONT LIKE THE IDEA!!!!

  4. Misty Rudyard Says:

    I am totally against this idea. I don’t involve in bites/attacks and reserve that only to special people in my SL. To top it all, I am a 3rd gen lycan dominant and would hate to go “dormant” and on a “different list”. PLEASE do not do this as its gonna affect your game and a lot of people are just gonna quit. I might even do the same. The forever protection amulet works for a reason and this idea is sort of contradictory isn’t it? I understand there is a lot of drama regarding people wanting to change the way Bloodlines works to their advantage regarding active/inactive players. But seriously speaking, this ‘drama’ has fed Bloodlines and you don’t want this to flop. It is fine the way it is. One wrong decision can cause a big fallout.

  5. Chenya resident Says:

    Here is my feedback on your Ideas:
    I honestly dont like both ideas you brought. The Dormant could be ok but i know lot of vamps or lycans who are active but dont bite much or hunt souls.

    the second idea:
    let me first set that straight since i didnt understood it really.
    When i have a vamp or lycan who has souls and who is not active and will be dormant. will be his souls removed from my total souls o.O
    when that is the case… burn that idea.

    with that you punish the active one with the one who arent as active.

    I think the dormant without taking the souls of the total souls of their liege is the safest. and when they attack again. put them back on the active list.

    but no deleting or not counting-souls… this make a few tousands pple jump your troats LOOL

  6. Peter01 Peccable Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Duk and Lemming. Why should anyone be “penalised” for the inactivity of other players who they have no control over whatsoever. Players have worked hard over the years to achieve these results and goals, it feels entirely like a slap in the face for all their hard work to me and a negative to current BL players…certainly not a positive catalyst.

  7. Armix Portal Says:

    This is a terrible thing to do. What we have worked for ages will be wasted. Please don’t make us quit this game. I am Queen of a large successful family and we have many people who are not active because of RL circumstances. This is totally unfair to those players and will affect the general flow of heirarchy throughout Bloodlines. I am sure many other queens/kings will be of the same opinion. As a request, just leave the game the way it is. We are happy with Forever Amulets and Spikes and all other fun stuff you have on here. This will cause fallout as people have mentioned before this.

  8. PcTek Cyberstar Says:

    Everyone objecting to this has the forever amulet, since I have it, I would like to join them, and object as well. BUT – I will bite anybody that will let me. I do not discriminate, the problem i have is that almost nobody will let me, and it seems to get harder and harder.
    Plus I have other things I do in sL and I’m the decider on how my time will be spent. I do not wish to spend hours looking for someone to bite.
    Prejudice against us vampires is HIGH in second life. If you don’t know it you would have to be living under a rock. I have been threatened for even mentioning the word vampire, and I know many of my friends have as well. So I vote NO on proposition 8, or whichever one this is.

  9. ahrianne eyre Says:

    I dont agree with either proposal. First and foremost is more a revenue generating solution rather than a ranking solution because the proposals ensure that something will be purchased (or qued for purchase in the form of apples, blood, huds, etc.) every month by every vampire/lycan/hybrid that wishes their numbers to count towards the rank and the rank of their clan. This solution is wrong for the main reason that each vampire has already invested and ‘paid’ what should be paid to have that soul on their page and count towards their numbers. The proposals are tantamount to a monthly user fee to secure rank. Secondly, it also is going to cause excessive stress by forcing clan leadership to ‘hound’ their membership to bite. I know neither Lyle or Mars are thinking on these lines. I know they are trying to find a solution to non-active SL players holding top ranking in the BL game but regardless that is what these proposals will do should they be instituted.

  10. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Ok, we’re hearing from a lot of people that they don’t like the idea of having to be involved in a bite every 30 days in order to stay in the stats, because some people don’t bite or get bitten, yet are active. So, we could make it so that all you have to do is log in and wear your HUD once every 30 days (any of the HUDs: Thirst, Rage, Human), and this would keep your account listed in the stats.

    No one seems to like the idea of souls from dormant minions no longer totaling upwards to a liege. So, we can probably forget about that idea now. I agree that no one should lose stats just because their minion stops playing.

    I’d like to reiterate that this wouldn’t change anyone’s stats. No one would lose souls, you just wouldn’t be listed on the public stats if you went dormant, and this could be reversed simply by logging in.

  11. Misty Rudyard Says:

    Sounds fair Lyle. Let the inactive accounts go dormant if not signed into BL server for 30 days. But don’t let this affect Total Soul count / Rank / Generation or anything that has a lot of RL money put into it.

  12. greyhawk gant Says:

    i agree with misty rudyard that the final solution sound good. i have the forever amulet and have worked hard for the small ranking i have and dont wish to loose any of it myself and am glad to hear i wont

  13. Storm Czavicevic Says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this change. There are many variables involved in someone not being able to log on. It’s not our fault people can’t/don’t come on. Individual soul holders and BL families shouldn’t be punished for that. As many above have said, we work hard to hunt and recruit new members. Often times using money out of our own pockets to purchase their huds. I understand it’s frustrating to have so many inactive people listed, however it really isn’t fair to us as individual active members to lose family/personal rank due to someone else’s behavior. Thank you for your time.

  14. heethen Says:

    Not good at all,There are quite a lot of people that have the expensive amulet ,what about us ? we got the amulet so we do not have to feed that’s why people buy the god dam thing in the first place ,myself i seldom bite anymore but sure as hell am active enough to keep my minions fed,And i also have minions with the amulet and sometimes shit happens it really does <example i recently had a minion loose her computer and can not get on ,the US economy really sucks ass right now and she for one can not afford to go out and spend 1000 dollars on a new computer at present,yeah that's right most people are not rich and shit happens ,And it appears you don't care anything about that and with that i will tell you all right now ,bloodlines has gotten a extremely bad review by most SL players and it is harder then ever to hunt because people are warned not to get involved with us in bloodlines as soon as they rezz up for the first time,i have witnessed this many many times and it's gotten worse,And now if you tell me my amulet will no longer protect me and i will go dormant if i do not bite someone then my time as a vampire will end in secondlife

  15. LadyPoseidon Says:

    I do not attack people, I talk with them and I invite you to join the family if the people you talked to want to be part of the clan, if they want change, they know they can find me, they know they can contact with my family. I do not like the idea of ​​going out attacking people, I think you often end up scaring people and creates a negative image for the family, the clan for vampires and werewolves.
    Honestly, I’m not a fan of this, I have an amulet of protection forever, so I do not need to attack anyone, I bought the amulet because I work a lot and I can not always get every day.
    I share what I can. I have a family and do everything for them! I try to honor my family and the clan.

  16. ahrianne eyre Says:

    Lyle – that is a viable solution;
    i.e.,”…we could make it so that all you have to do is log in and wear your HUD once every 30 days (any of the HUDs: Thirst, Rage, Human), and this would keep your account listed in the stats…No one would lose souls, you just wouldn’t be listed on the public stats if you went dormant…” Doing it this way will reduce the amount of ppl used in the formula to determine ranking without causing ppl to lose souls or expend further linden if they do not wish to.

  17. orion faxel Says:

    Is a bad ideia

  18. orion faxel Says:

    often do you afford HUD for a person, and after a while it does not re-log into SL, simply disappears
    this is a real investment that many people do
    remove this number from their statistics is to not be worth the money invested
    people often come into bloodlines and never bite anyone and not even part of a clan actively, but they are real people and are here all day
    both cases people are real but not actively participate in their clans or simply do not return to sl
    but an amount was spent by the person who paid for by HUD, a time has been invested by the person who hunted and tried to bring this character to bloodlines
    My question is: It’s fair to remove this number from your status?
    is good for bloodlines, reduce numbers of your players? (Which are actually their investors)

  19. mishie Says:

    I think its a Great idea.. would certainly sort out the ones that only buy souls to look good.. i think it would be very fair.

  20. Cyzicus Xue Says:

    The Updated portion sounds good to me. I’m sure anyone concerned about their ranking can handle wearing their HUD at least once every 30 days.

  21. sashia rae Says:

    I understand why these ideas are being put forward, and agree that some action is needed, however, i totally agree with most of the comments above. a log in rather than bite would be better. 30 days goes very quickly in sl. i have had family members gone for months, due to rl. it happens, and they shouldnt feel the added pressure of worrying about logging on to keep thier stats. Also, for those that have been in bloodlines for some years, its natural for some of thier souls to no longer be active on sl or bloodlnes, but as many have said, the investment was made and the acrive member should not be panished for ppl having real lives lol.
    I do think there are other topics that could be discussed to make this game more accessable for other players that find it hard to invest so much cash and therefore increase the number of active players. I have had a few family members start to investigate over vampire role play games in sl.

  22. ℭαⓈϯⒾⓃα ⓈⓄUℒⓈϯαℛ- 暗殺者 Says:

    I also agree with the comments posted. I’ve been a loyal member since ’09 and since then and now i’ve taken long breaks from sl for different reasons.Will there be a non dormant amulet available now?(lol) I still love
    being in bloodlines but it should at least be extented to 90 days.

  23. Nelapsi Gloom Says:

    Finally wants to do justice.
    1) No more false souls
    2) traffic is just false souls
    3) It is just making vampires, with the sole purpose of increasing a false statistic for the clan.
    4) No more arrogant kings and queens, for souls who only buy based check and it was so magnificent to believe that vampires have no purchasing power in second life.
    5) will be seen that clans are “REAL” bloodlines and active in working for a real activity.

    In short and although I have it also, indirectly, NO MORE FALSE STATISTICS bloodlines.

    NO MORE ALTER DEAD, in Bloodlines, PLEASE.

    PS: If you have an alter that is to lead a 2 nd, 3 rd or 4 th life in Second Life, a statistic not to raise false AND UP … “Believe it” LOL

  24. janet xenno Says:

    I would point out that the bloodlines game has several issues and the “dormant” solution won’t solve any of the issues, since it will just seems the end of the game.

    In my opinion (i underline this is my personal opinion) this is the real ranking of the issues:
    1) alts, which make a total unfair ranking of the clans;
    2) old not active vampires, but i mean more than 2-3 years without being connected;
    3) complication of the game;
    4) free creation of clans.

    I understand that the game is a business for Bloodlines, but I really think the first listed point is the real drama of the game and the drama has grown once Bloodlines has invented the Coffin. So, for solve the first problem it could be fair to delete the coffins (which are an unfair item by definition since i just need to be plenty of blood and feed multiple avis) from the game.

    For the second point again i would underline that an hamulet which cost 7999L$ can’t last just for one month…maybe a good approach could be that “dormant” will become after 2 years of unactivity (i mean just wearing the hud).

    The third point is part of the game, it has ever been an issue…good clans can manage it.

    The point four is what i personally consider “deregulation”, it means that irrespective of my status i can elige myself as queen of a clan…well, even if it doesn’t matter, i think it is unfair…but again, this is not the worst problem of the game.

    Kisses & bites,
    Janet Xenno

  25. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Wanted to re-clarify a couple of points:

    This doesn’t have anything to do with so-called ‘false souls’ or alts, it’s to address one thing: making sure that players listed in the ranks are active players themselves. So, it will make it so the stats on the website show people who have logged in within the last 30 days, that is all. It will not affect souls in any way, and it is unrelated to the function of the amulet. The amulets protect you from the Curse, and will continue to do so regardless of whether we decide to go ahead with this change. So, going ‘dormant’ would not cause you to lose your souls, and the amulet would continue to protect you from the Curse.

    I think it’s reasonable to expect people who are ranked to just log in once every 30 days, and even if they happen not to, all they have to do is log in and they will be back in the ranking again as if nothing happened.

    I’ll say it again to clarify: this has nothing to do with souls and nothing to do with the amulet.

  26. Elviran Says:

    I am disagree and i think this will cause some bad things with high ranked ,old players.About myself i am active and also most of my line but who knows what future holds.I would be very annoyed and sad if some of old and ranked friends leave Bloodlines because of this new way.Also as my queen Janet told -this is not the most important problem- in game.For example many people leaving Bloodlines because of financial problems or feeling failed.Problems like drama,having many destroyed vamps and such can be handled by experienced royals.Even in a text rpg game characters can stay alive much more than 30 days.This looks like punishing lieges because of their inactive or less active minions.Many lieges help their minions for buying their amulets to save their total souls for long time now they can become reluctant about this too.

  27. heethen Says:

    Yes Lyle the 30 days log in thing sounds fine to me,Myself i never take my hud off and even though i don’t get the time i would like to get to play SL i at least log in a few times a week and always with my Hud on , i think most vampires with any kind of rank always wear their HUD anyway And if a minion goes dormant without you losing their count i don’t think people would mind the dormant status

  28. mystris Says:

    Has anyone considered the impact it would make should this be actively applied? Considering the list of those dormant will likely show that there are more dormant players than active? That the actual number of players that are shown in Bloodlines, a leading RP game, be more alted, retired players (dormant) than actively being participated? There is a plus side to the idea though, not quite sure yet what except slack the constant working of the servers to produce the many listed stats for those who are inactive.In any case curious as to the outcome decision.


    This will only affect there stats as far as royalty, blood wealth ext not there souls or lieging or rank in bloodlines correct its only the stats that would be affected so when someone looks up the most influetial and hi levels they would not be returned to those stats till they did something like bite reap spike ect to show they are alive and playing.


    and lyle you could even add the bloolines player you have just scanned has beeen made dormant…. please remind them to put their hud on reactivate… then they would be reminded by all of us and no excuse then.

  31. artefun damiano Says:

    and who have the amulet and can not conect to sl? i said before changing the stats of the bloodlines whe must pouraist change the hud because there are something that is worthless if you are queen or king of your familly

  32. TinaVampiress Warblood Says:

    You state: “Another idea we’d like to propose is the idea of the souls of dormant vampires no longer adding to the total souls of their liege, similar to humans.”

    I don’t believe that people should lose the souls of dormant hunts. I have a minion under me that I hunted fair and square. So I should lose his count because he chooses not to log? That is not right. If you want to change the ranking system, so that inactive players do not hold top spots, fine, but it is not fair that the rest of us should lose soul counts of hunts because they are busy with RL.

  33. Kasia Kenin Says:

    Don’t agree with 30 days, it should be 60-180 days. There are some people with intermittent internet service and it might take longer than a month to sort out those problems.


    Personally I have been away from sl for months at a time but I will never leave completely. I understand this whole “dormant” thing is a touchy issue and I feel 30 days is not long enough I think 6 months is fair. Lets not forget some of us are in the armed forces and can not log in long periods it does not mean that they don’t want to play anymore. Another thing that concerns me is that if I have premium account with linden lab and that account gets canceled due to none payment/ inactivity it also means that my amulet is void in bloodlines and all my souls go to the abyss instead of the queen or at least my liege?. Even if I die in rl why am I forgotten. I still paid you for protection and I expect the protection to go the life of the game not the life of my avi (forever means forever). If I never logged in a gain I would still want my hard efforts to exist for my queen and clan for the duration of the bloodlines game. If this practice is going to continue it would would be nice to make that publicly known. I personally will never take a premium account for this reason alone. I advise all of you to relinquish your souls to who ever you want to have them if you choose to leave or they may end up in the abyss. I honestly hope I never log in and find out that my amulet has been voided after spending all I have in bl I would just quit.

  35. Blue McAuley Says:

    also i think what needs to be changed is the pyramid thing where ranks should go with the personal souls and not totals i.e someone with 0 or 1 personal with 400 total or more is a king or queen i think that needs to be changed

  36. Yummy Fairlady Says:

    If this proposed Change takes Place.

    1. it will Decimate the clans as we know them, it won’t just hit the gen 1,2, or 3’s but all the gens.

    2. Bloodlines it’s self could lose out, i.e. the bottom line product sales could and very well drop off, there already signs fewer and fewer people want to become a Vampire or Blood dolls as it is. Yes we need change but this will just lead to pandemonium, & Decimation of the Clans as is now.

  37. Iluvtrolls Says:

    With the forever protection many active players do not bite or get bitten on a regular basis. I have both Vampire and Lycan huds but am a blooddoll. I rarely get bitten and have only bitten one person. There should be an opt out for those who are leaving and no longer playing. One that doesn’t cost. There should also be a way of removing those who have been banned by Linden Labs. It will create a lot of random bite me and I will bite you nonsense too. It is like the 5 transactions on your ATM card for a free account at the bank. It is not a good idea and angers the clerks lol.

  38. hazy cygnt Says:

    I love these ideas but yes your right about the biting as i don’t get to bite to often but just bite your blood angels more often its not saying you have to be taking new souls .
    But this is going to get some the bloodlines players who rule the stats by having bought souls and none are active , it might actually give some of us who play bloodlines how it is meant to be played a fair chance .:))

  39. hazy cygnt Says:

    i also agree with blue about the king and queen bloodlines roles should’nt be on the total soul count it should be on personal soul count and yes it will make a big diffrence to these soul horders of false souls

  40. hazy cygnt Says:

    I like that idea Merlin about the hud to remind players they are dormant and to put there hud on , I am constantly sending msg out in our clan group for the humans please wear your hud on a daily basis but not all blood angels are being drained regularly so a reminder for us when we scan them would be a great idea

  41. Celestrial Says:

    The last ideal that was posted would be fine. I hope you list dormant on the web sight under clans like destroyed is now, plus add it to a scan as sggested earlyer. There is nothing wrong with asking people that play this game to wear an iteam required to play this game; one time within 30 days. If you do forget or have to be away for an extended period of time and all that is required to become undormant (and return to the stat list right away)is to put the thing back on for 1 second, I think everyone will be ok with being off the stat list for a short time. If it really is that big of a problem just have an all time list (activity not required) and a active list (activity required). I would ask that a 30 grace period be applyed to give people time to get ahold of there friends to advoid being dormant.

    As far as the soul’s not counting upward part im glad you droped that. There is no reason a soul shouldn’t count upwards as it does right now. A dormant vampire/lycan is not a dead vampire/lycan and does follow the lore, and since the dormant person is not dead there is no reason the souls shouldnt count.

  42. Chanon Says:

    As I have read the comments and updates, I find that the suggestion put forth is entirely fair. It will seperate the active players from those that are not currently active and give a true account to those that actually playing. Since this does not require an active player to bite/acctack someone,it is not unreasonable to request that in order to keep yourself active, you must log in and wear your HUD at least once in a 30 day period.
    I was happy to see that the soul count option was removed. That was my first question when I first heard about this. In my quest to bring in new players, if one where to have an issue and be unable to log in, I would be upset that all that hardwork work would have been for nothing.
    The only thing I would suggest would be to extend the time to either a 60 day or 90 period for the logging in.

  43. Pebbles Galaxy Says:

    let me see if I Understand this right…
    If you dont log in for 30 days your status will become “Dormant” which then makes all of your “numbers” count to the active clan totals? Does this affect just the active totals or does the number become null to your liege as well?

    I understand the active totals on the clan and the fact that there are many players who havent logged on in over a year that are ranking pretty high up there. One on hand, I believe that this change will give those active members a chance to actually get somewhere in the game and not just be trying for an unreachable goal. On the other hand, I have seen many people who liege into a clan that just want to feel like they are somewhere and not in limbo anymore or in curse, so these people that dont play anymore dont count now to the active totals, So thus think about this..
    For the soul trade purpose, I would like you to think about this…
    If you do a soul for soul trade, I forsee more and more people wanting “Active” souls in trade for the soul now, instead of just “A soul is a soul” thus making more and more people hesitant on wanting to trade the souls. More and more people will be forcing the Electrum on people and making it harder for those that want to move to be able to do so without a cost. (Which isnt always a bad thing necessarily)

    So there may be some flaws to this proposal it seems.


    Please read what is actually proposed……

    it is only there status in the rankings that will become affected not the souls lieging or totals. this proposal has nothing to do with that.. it only would affect the most influential lists the royalty list and the blood/lumen wealth pages. where most of the ones on those lists don’t even play anymore. it will not affect your clan totals at all or any ones soul count.

    Lyle followed up a ways down the blog and said also that it would make them active again if they merly wore the hud again… so no biting needed.

    This will only affect the items in the stats link at the top of this blog … click it and those are the stats that will be affected nothing else.

    so like for instance Paddy Southpaw if he does not log in for 30 days his name will not show on those lists … as soon as he loggs on and wears the hud then he will show in the lists again. he wont loose any souls wont lose any minions and will still be active as a player jsut not listed in the royalty until he loggs in again.

  45. Pebbles Galaxy Says:

    Ok, Then my Question is clarified. Thank you. In this case, I completley agree with the proposal. I believe that everyone should have an oppertunity to play the game if they are active.

  46. Sera SecretSpy Says:

    Just wondering, why fix what isnt broken? I am sure people are complaining about top Generation vamps who have bought a lot of souls or used alts, but they paid money for those whether considered right or wrong by game standards. I just have to think that the number of people who would be upset by any change like this and would thus leave BL would far outnumber the complainers. Just my opinion.

  47. Sera SecretSpy Says:

    LOL never mind – delete my last comment I somehow missed Lyle’s last post at 549am Sorry

  48. darknessfawls Says:

    look, im all for trying to sort out the one who make alts just for blood, but what about us ppl that dont have to feed? both i and my wife are forever protected, as well as some on my minion, and my queens. it makes no sense to punish me or my family just because we are not in it for souls. no we do not constantly hunt. i would rather think of ppl as ppl, and not soul counts… but i will go dormant because i dont bite? wtf?

  49. Lyle Maeterlinck Says:

    Merlin is exactly right in what he said above.

  50. AlphaLycan123 Says:

    I have carefully reviewed this. It seems like it could be useful for the people who actually play compared to the people that do not. However, does this in any way effect the way an active player on the website will gain stats if they have lets say 50 minions that are all dormant? I was also wondering if there was any plans to seperate the hybrids onto their own pages rather than being on both vampire and lycan pages. I feel this will also be useful for both the vampires and lycans when it comes to “making it to the top”. If you really look the highest ranked pure lycan in soul count is now Skye Hanly. Yet she is barely 4th generation passing up the recent highest ryu Blindside whom is still 5th generation.

    I surely hope that soon more people will be able to be in the higher ranks of bloodlines.

  51. Erica69 Says:

    I work away from home and dont get to log in for lng periods of time. simply becasue i am in an inaccessable isolated place without net, With this proposition becasue i work from away home i am to be penalised and my efforts not deemed to be valid ? Thats not really fair.

    It seems to me that people keep the old dormant kings and queens alive its a bit of the good old tall poppy syndrome were, the totals are hard to chase so lets get rid of the totals. IF as you say Paddy is the problem, So whatif hes or anyone in the rankings are retired. If their lines growing even in thier “retirement”, then its testimony to thier line and the loyalty of thier minions that keeps him there.

    If your want take them off the rankings then do it teh ame way they got there, by building strong lines. Not by saying their aw its not fair i can nver catch them and they are not here so not working hard enough for them to have earnt thier place. Obviously they did the hard yards thats why they are there. They have good strong lines an they paying off now.
    How long before dormancy becomes permanent removal from the game. They all invested the money in this game. BL is a numbers game and we know what we signed up for and those that get to teh top levels have spents small fortunes and hve a lot of time and effort as wel as money invested in thier lines when you start doing the math. Its not fair to strip them of thier investment or work. If people want to take them out let them do the same.

  52. Pimpataur Says:

    Lyle, I wanted to mention that your final proposal seems like a great idea and i appreciate and commend you on your efforts to review this issue.

    JD Parkes